Santelli: Illinois Budget Makes Greece Look like ‘Utopia’


From today’s "Squawk Box" on CNBC:

LIESMAN: Let’s look at state and government hiring. Let’s look at state and government spending. All of that has taken off as much as a percentage point of gdp, so we’ve gotten what you wanted, Rick. Why don’t you claim victory? Claim victory, Rick.

SANTELLI: All I want is the government to make at least an attempt to spend within their means. I don’t want them to recycle federal dollars like this election year foreclosure joke that sends $17 billion to California!

LIESMAN: The difference between two and three percent growth is in large part what is happening at the state and local level, so that’s what we got. So maybe that’s a long-term good, but right now it takes off mathematically—

SANTELLI: Well states have to find religion every year, every state, except my state, Illinois. Illinois is gonna make Greece look like the utopia of Europe.