Pelosi: ‘Let’s Begin’ with Tax Hikes for Rich

Won't rule out further hikes


ROSE: And you have to let the Bush tax cuts that might have benefited the middle class die, even though it came from a Republican president.

PELOSI: Well, I’m for definitely letting die the tax cuts for people making over a million dollars a year.

ROSE: Talking about the middle class tax cuts. That’s not what they mean by that.

PELOSI: I’m talking about the high end. I’m talking about the high end.

ROSE: What about the middle?

PELOSI: You can make a judgment about that.

ROSE: You’re not prepared to say they shouldn’t be continued?

PELOSI: In our caucus, there is a school of thought that says let’s get rid of all the tax cuts.

ROSE: And the former Speaker of the House says?

PELOSI: I say, let’s begin by getting rid of tax cuts for people making more than a million dollars a year. I’m not even saying $250,000. The president’s saying $250,000. A million and above. Who can argue with that?

ROSE: That’s what Buffett suggested.

PELOSI: Is that what he suggested?

ROSE: Well, in part. Looking at a whole different tax structure. People making more than a million.

PELOSI: Well, people making more than a million should not be getting these Bush tax cuts. We should go back to the Clinton tax rates. We had a very prosperous economy at the time.


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