Obamacare Forces Over 800,000 in N.J. to Change Insurance Plan

Plans that no longer cover federal requirements will phase out in 2014


More than 800,000 New Jersey residents will be forced to find different health insurance as plans that no longer cover the Affordable Care Act's requirements are phased out, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported on Sunday.

Those in the individual and small-employer markets will only have three insurance providers available through the health insurance exchange. Of the 800,000 needing new plans, at least 50,000 senior citizens will need to find new plans. The Star-Ledger reports:

Horizon sent notices to 50,000 of its New Jersey members explaining to seniors that their current plans will not be available next year.

Brian McGuire, associate state director for AARP New Jersey, said these changes may be frustrating to seniors forced to change plans, but it is an overall benefit for Medicare recipients. That’s because the Affordable Care Act provides financial incentives to insurance plans that are ranked highest for quality of care and customer service.

"Any time a senior has a plan they like and have to change, that’s not a positive, but we have a much better assurance that there are higher-quality plans being offered," he said.

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