Obama Coal Regulations Threatening Jobs, Driving Up Energy Costs in Indiana


An Indiana coal mine is fuming over new anti-coal regulations declared by the Obama administration this week, WTHI-IN reports.

Sunrise Coal, employer to 375 Indianians, is upset with the new regulations, which they say will kill jobs and hike up prices for everyday necessities like bread and electricity.

About 30,000 people are connected to the coal industry statewide and 80 percent of Indiana’s electricity is generated by coal.

Suzanne Jaworowski, Director of Communications for Sunrise Coal, said, "This is essentially an attempt to eliminate one of our two most abundant resources for producing electricity in the country."

"The EPA’s goal in these regulations is to go as close to zero percent CO2 emissions as possible in the power industry. And their regulations are to create a thirty percent decrease in CO2 emissions from coal fired electricity," she added.