New Ads Hit Vulnerable Senate Dems in Five States on Keystone

Mark Udall / AP


Advertisements on television, radio, and online will target vulnerable Senate Democrats over the Keystone XL pipeline in the wake of the Obama administration’s most recent delay of the project.

"Tell Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet: Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline," states one television ad, which is airing in Colorado, where Democrat Sen. Mark Udall is facing a tough reelection fight against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, is behind the ads. A spokeswoman declined to specify the exact dollar number behind the ad buy, but told the Washington Times that they "spend a significant amount on our priority issues."

The ads will air in Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, and South Dakota, the Times reported.

The ads tout a Harris Poll showing 78 percent support for the pipeline along with the backing of labor, business and Republican and Democratic political leaders.

President Obama has delayed deciding on whether to allow the pipeline for five years. The State Department tacked on another delay April 18, citing a dispute over the route now before the Nebraska Supreme Court, which could push a decision past the November election.

Environmental groups, a core Democratic Party constituency, strongly oppose the pipeline, but several Senate Democrats facing tough re-election bids in red states are pushing for the president to green-light the project.

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