MSNBC Doesn’t Think Tom Cotton is Entitled


Rep. Tom Cotton (R., Ark) joined Morning Joe on Monday to address claims from his opponent Sen. Mark Pryor (D., Ark) about having a "sense of entitlement". Joe Scarborough asked, "What sense of entitlement is he (Sen. Mark Pryor) talking about?

I am not sure because I certainly didn’t learn one growing up chasing after cattle with Lynn Cotton on that farm in Yell County, and the last thing my Drill Sargent in basic training taught me was to feel a sense of entitlement."  Rep. Cotton responded.

Rep. Cotton called on companies to hire more veterans returning form war, and attacked Sen. Pryor for, "Casting the decisive vote for Obamacare five years ago and standing by it today."

The interview concluded with Mika stating that Rep. Cotton "doesn’t seem entitled to me seems rather nice."