Michigan Mayor Says Hero Who Saved Woman Outside GM Facility Rehired

Man had said he was fired for having a gun on GM property

Didarul Sarder / Screencapture


The man who saved a woman who was being stabbed outside of a General Motors facility in Michigan has been rehired after he said he was fired for his actions.

Didarul Sarder drew his firearm, which he is licensed to carry, and held the woman's attacker at gunpoint until police and paramedics arrived. He said shortly after that he was then fired by somebody at GM. However, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, where the attack occurred, said that Sarder was rehired once higher-ups learned about the situation.

"I would like to commend Didarul Sarder who probably saved a 52-year-old woman from being murdered by quick action," Warren mayor Jim Fouts said in a statement posted on Facebook. "Outside the GM Tech Center this morning he observed a 52-year-old female repeatedly being stabbed with a kitchen knife in her back, neck, and abdomen. His quick action using a licensed handgun on the attacker undoubtedly saved this woman's life. Had he not legally exercised his second amendment rights this woman would probably not be with us today. He is employed by a GM contracted valet service. Right after it happened someone in authority asked him off the premises because he violated company rules with a gun. That was absolutely the wrong response to this hero."

"However, that decision was overruled by higher-ups and he now has his job back. I hope to honor and reward this good citizen for being a hero in time of need. Heroes should be rewarded, not terminated. Didarul is a resident of Warren and a resident that we can all be proud of!"

GM still contends that it never asked for Sarder to be fired but says that he was briefly suspended with pay and returned to work on February 15.

"Didarul Sarder will return to his assigned position at the GM Tech Center on Monday," Michael Albano, a GM spokesperson, told the Washington Free Beacon. "We understand that there were conflicting reports on his employment status with the valet vendor, but he was not terminated, just placed on paid suspension until the facts of the incident were investigated."

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