McAfee: Executing Denial of Service Attack on Itself

'It is a very bizarre situation. Interesting, academically, but not very useful'


McAfee anti-virus software founder John McAfee said is effectively executing a denial of service attack on itself Thursday on Fox News.

McAfee said the Obamacare website is designed such that a user's computer is responsible for over 50 programs. Thus, the very action of logging on and exchanging data with the main servers is essentially "killing the system," according to McAfee.

"It is a very bizarre situation," McAfee said, "interesting, academically, but not very useful":

GRETCHEN CARLSON: What about this late decision that was requiring consumers to actually register their personal information online instead of being able to just shop and browse the different costs of the healthcare available to them? Could that last minute change have caused the system to crash and burn as it did?

JOHN  MCAFEE: I don't think so. I think the crash and burn was caused by an inherent architecture. The way they divided the processing tasks, the user's computer is used for over 50 programs. So, the transfer of data between the person logging on and the main servers is basically killing the system. It's basically doing a denial of service attack on itself. It is a very bizarre situation. Interesting, academically, but not very useful.

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