Feinstein: ‘America Is a Gun-Happy Country’


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) called America a "gun-happy country" in an interview airing Sunday about her latest gun control efforts.

Feinstein has introduced a bill to ban bump stocks, the accessory used by the Las Vegas killer to help him accelerate his gunfire as he shot at a crowd at a country music concert.

"Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd called the proposed legislation the "least ambitious" of the numerous gun bills she had introduced, and he asked her what that said about the state of the nation's gun debate.

"Well, the state is sad," she said. "America is a gun-happy country, and I think there are many of us in growing numbers that don't want a gun-happy country. Guns have their place. I don't have a problem if they're used properly, but what I have seen over the decades is a growth of substantial improper use of weapons."

Feinstein rattled off a list of recent mass shootings culminating in Sunday's massacre, which was the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

"Every American should look at those pictures and say, ‘Do we want more of this?' This is one simple thing that stops the making of a semiautomatic weapon into a machine gun," she said of bump stocks.

The National Rifle Association and some top Republicans have signaled openness to further restrictions on bump stocks, and the White House stated it was "open" to a conversation on the subject.

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