Feds Recall Toy Wagon For ‘Fall Hazard’

14 kids bumped their heads

Source: step2.com


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of a toy wagon because 14 children fell and bumped their heads while riding it.

The "Whisper Ride Touring Wagon," made by Step 2, an American toy company, was exclusively sold at Toys R Us. The company said it "voluntarily" recalled the item after working with the CPSC.

The federal agency said the wagon, which sold for $130, is unsafe because its backseat can be removed. A total of 28 children have fallen because of it, they said.

"The removable blue seat backs can detach and allow the child in the wagon to fall out, posing a fall hazard," the CPSC said on Thursday, announcing the recall.

"Step2 has received 29 reports of the seat back detaching, 28 of which resulted in children falling out of the wagon," they said.

"Fourteen of these resulted in bumped heads and nine resulted in bruises, scratches or lacerations."

The Whisper Wagon is made in the USA, seats two kids, has six cup-holders, and comes with a canopy. The recall covers wagons that were purchased between February and August of this year.

The government warned families to stop playing with the wagon right away.

"Consumers should immediately stop using the wagon and inspect it to determine if the seat belt is attached to the removable blue seat back," they said. "If so, the wagon is included in this recall. Consumers with the recalled wagons should contact Step2 to obtain a free repair kit."

A poster accompanying the announcement states in bold letters: "PLEASE IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THE WAGON."

The CPSC previously recalled other toy wagons made by Step 2, including the "Push Around Buggy" and the "Whisper Ride Buggy," due to faulty handles.

"If the handle detaches, a parent can lose control of the buggy," the agency said.

Those recalls were in response to 28 injury reports, 26 of which were "minor scrapes and scratches."

The CPSC says its mission is to protect the public from "unreasonable risks of injury or death." They initiated 439 product recalls in 2012.

The agency also has a 56-page handbook on playground safety, which includes guidelines such as making sure kids are wearing shoes, and instructions that children "should not wear their bicycle helmets while on playground equipment."

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