D.C. City Council Responds to Gun Ruling

Office of D.C. Council member Tommy Wells


Shortly after a federal judge declared Washington, D.C.’s ban on carrying handguns in public unconstitutional, the office of D.C. Council member Tommy Wells (D., Ward 6) created signs for business owners who wished to express their displeasure with the so-called "Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights."

The Washington Post reports:

The signs, created by Wells aide Julia Robey Christian, feature a D.C. flag motif with crossed-out silhouettes of handguns replacing the stars. Underneath: "This establishment proudly supports a GUN FREE DC."

"A number of business owners said, ‘I really want to put something in my window that says I don’t agree with this,’" Christian said Tuesday. "People can, at least when it comes to their own personal private property, have a say in what they find to be permissible on their premises."

Under city law, "Private persons or entities owning property in the District of Columbia may prohibit or restrict the possession of firearms on their property," with an exception for law enforcement personnel who are "lawfully authorized to enter onto private property." That law is unaffected by the new court decision.