Congressman to Constituents: Proceed on At Your Own Risk


Rep. Mo Brooks (R., Ala.) is warning his constituents to not go on, the Obamacare website, unless they're "willing to accept the risk that their identities will be stolen."

The online health care exchange has been beset with glitches since its launch, with one particularly alarming issue being users having their personal information compromised. The Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday that the marketplace is even more vulnerable to security breaches since the administration "fixed", according to a cyber security expert.

Brooks, therefore, bluntly said he would not recommend anyone from his district, Alabama's 5th, go on the site. He made the remarks in an interview on The Laura Ingraham Show Tuesday.

RAYMOND ARROYO: Would you recommend to your constituents signing up then for Obamacare given the security lapses and vulnerabilities?

MO BROOKS: Absolutely not. They in no way, shape, or form should get on the website unless they are willing to accept the risk that their identities will be stolen or that they will be subject to some kind of deception or fraud.