Chris Matthews Goes to War


MSNBC host Chris Matthews has a theory about the hawkish forces that run the world.

Matthews, the problematic husband of Democratic politician Kathleen Matthews, has an admitted "obsession" with the war in Iraq and the hawkish people who he believes deceived the American public into fighting it. (Matthews also has an obsession with Hispanics, which has drawn complaints from employees at his network.)

In Matthews’ telling, there is a cabal of "piggish money people" running an international network of "right-wing front groups" for the purpose of destabilizing countries across the world.

"This is a continual effort to knock countries apart to create instability and chaos and then say we’re gonna create Western-style, pro-Israeli democracies," Matthews said about the hawkish people’s agenda last year.

"They love blowing the bugle of war," Matthews said. "They love the notion of war."

Whoa if true, a new SuperCut concludes.

Matthews has singled out casino mogul and philanthropist Sheldon Adelson as a ringleader in the effort to install hawkish people at the highest levels of American government.

"We’re all onto it," Matthews said.

According to Matthews, politicians sidle up to Adelson’s "whore bar" and talk about knocking off Israel’s enemies in order to get his money.

"They will say anything for that guy—because he’s a hawk—to get his money," Matthew said.

"I’m sorry, is there a better phrase for it?" Matthews said.

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