CBS: ‘It Wasn’t the Triumphant Rollout the White House Had Envisioned for Obamacare’


American continue to have problems "getting through the door" of the online Obamacare marketplace, CBS Evening News reported Wednesday.

"More than two weeks into this signup period, it's clear the problem wasn't a simple glitch that the president had predicted, and it wasn't the triumphant rollout the White House had envisioned for Obamacare," correspondent Wyatt Andrews said.

Anchor Scott Pelley, similar to NBC's Brian Williams Oct. 10, acknowledged in his introduction Obamacare's glaring issues would get more attention if not for the government shutdown dominating the news cycle since Oct. 1.

CBS This Morning also ran a report Wednesday calling it a "complete disaster" of a rollout and discussing its "failures" that are "well-documented." Other mainstream media figures have rocked the administration for the launch as well, including liberal MSNBC contributor Ezra Klein lamenting that it had done a "terrible job" and former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs calling the rollout "excruciatingly embarrassing."