Berkeley Charges Graduating Students for Commencement Ceremony Featuring Nancy Pelosi

Berkeley's campus / Wikimedia Commons


The University of California, Berkeley is charging its students $10 each to attend their own commencement address that will be delivered by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

According to Campus Reform:

Students who do not purchase the $10 tickets by Wednesday will not be able to attend their own commencement, according to the school’s official website.

Tickets for guests are also $10.

"[The money is] to absorb the cost of commencement," Lila Blanco, director of external relations and the Office of Protocol at the university, said in an interview with The Daily Californian, the school’s official newspaper.

"It’s huge," she added.

This features of this year’s ceremony will include food, flowers, snacks for kids, and a keynote address by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.