Arrest Warrant Issued for Restaurant Employee Who Made Anti-Semitic Threats


An arrest warrant has been issued for a Rockville, Md., woman who anonymously made anti-Semitic threats against her former boss, Benny’s Bar and Grill owner Benny Fischer, according to police.

Amber Denise Edmond, a 30-year-old Beltsville resident, is being sought by police for "obstructing the free exercise of religious beliefs by threat of force" after she allegedly called Fischer at 2:41 in the morning to demand that he remove an Israeli flag from his restaurant, the Washington Jewish Week reported.

"On August 6, the owner of Benny’s Bar and Grill located at 7747 Tuckerman Lane in Potomac, hung an Israeli and American flag outside of his restaurant," Montgomery County Police said in a statement. "On August 7 at approximately 2:41 a.m., the owner of the restaurant received a phone call on his cell phone from a blocked number."

"The owner stated that the anonymous caller made several threats to harm the owner and made anti-Semitic remarks," according to police. "The suspect also told the owner to take his Israeli flag down from the restaurant. The suspect again called the victim at approximately 2:45 a.m. but the victim did not answer."

"Using phone records, detectives were able to identify the suspect as Edmond. She is a former employee of Benny’s Bar and Restaurant. Detectives have obtained for warrant for Edmond’s arrest," the statement added. "Edmond has knowledge of the warrant and investigators are attempting to make arrangements with her to turn herself into police."

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