Obamacare Hurting Illinois Police Officers


Severely impacted by the negative effects of Obamacare, Blake Frund, a worker at a central Illinois Police Department, is asking the question millions of Americans are now asking: "Why do we need Obamacare?"

Frund works part-time with almost-full time hours. He was aware that because of Obamacare insurance costs to municipalities and businesses, he would have his hours reduced, but he did not know the extent of his soon-to-be work woes.

His boss informed him at Christmastime that his work week would be reduced to 56 hours per week from 79 hours per week. He lost about $300 a month in income.

Frund thankfully had savings, but he had to move from his house to crash at a friend’s apartment and was forced pick up two additional jobs to make up for the lost income.

He received news this past Monday from his boss that another Obamacare deadline delay would allow him to have his hours reinstated.

While the deadline delay does provide some relief for him, he wonders how long the quick fix will last, "Could it be six months? When am I going back to 28 hours a week?"

Looking to his bleak future ahead, Frund told WEEK that he predicts he will not have a paycheck and that he is preparing for it by continuing to work and save money.

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