New Republic Coverage Excessive, Analysis Finds

Chris Hughes

The continuing media coverage of The New Republic fiasco is completely f*cking insane, a Free Beacon analysis has found. To paraphrase the great half-American orator Winston Churchill: Never has so much been written by so many for so few.

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Sony Vs. John Milius: Two Views on Patriotism at the Box Office

Olympus Has Fallen: Far superior to White House Down

Buried in the mounds of juicy, prurient gossip contained in the Sony email hack (not leak: hack*) was this little nugget about the studio’s view of White House Down:

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison 5

My must read of the day, “The Sony Hack and the Yellow Press,” by Aaron Sorkin, in the New York Times.

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Nobody Is Denying That It Is Johnny Football Time Now


The world got a brief taste of glory two weeks ago.

Johnny Manziel was brought in by the Cleveland Browns to relieve the painfully average Brian Hoyer after Hoyer threw his second pick in the 4th quarter and the Browns were down 20-3.

Predictably, Manziel easily took them down the field and scored the team’s first touchdown.

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Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Allies CRUSH Elizabeth Warren in the First Battle of the Democratic Primary


Despite her best efforts and most passionate gesticulations, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) failed to shut down the government on Thursday, thus proving her political clout is vastly inferior to that of GOP colleague Ted Cruz. Warren had urged House Democrats to block a controversial spending package, which included a provision to roll back a portion of …

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CITIGROUP SHOWDOWN: Elizabeth Warren Attacks Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Wall Street Donor


Elizabeth Warren is doing her best Ted Cruz impression this week as she attempts to scuttle a bipartisan budget agreement. She is trying to remove a provision—supported by both parties—that would roll back certain regulations imposed as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. President Obama, meanwhile, has urged Congress to pass the budget agreement as is.

Warren has taken particular aim at Citigroup, which she accuses of authoring the provision, and seems to be positioning herself to shutdown the government:

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That’s Just How They Roll


Some excellent reporting at the Washington Post has raised serious question about Rolling Stone’s widely celebrated (initially) account of campus rape at the University of Virginia. The pop culture magazine has since sought to distance itself from the story, and has admitted to fact-checking errors. The magazine will almost certainly face lawsuits as a result.

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Greenpeace Tromps on Fragile World Heritage Site to Raise Awareness About Greenpeace

Greenpeace is really excited to remind you Greenpeace exists, y'all (AP)

Words fail. Here’s the BBC:

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13 Times Elizabeth Warren Pointed at Something Passionately


The liberal base of the Democratic Party is ready for Elizabeth Warren. They have concluded, somewhat radically, that the Democratic platform should consist of something more than a firm believe in the freedom of politically connected individuals to earn millions of dollars by giving speeches to Wall Street firms and special interest groups. If Joe Biden stays out of the race, Warren would be the undisputed frontrunner for the nomination.

Part of Warren’s appeal is the intense passion she brings to politics. For example, here are 13 examples of Warren pointing at something passionately.

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Male Movie Stars Are Described as Spoiled Divas Literally All the Time

Noted diva, Christian Bale

As you may have heard, Sony was recently subjected to a massive hacking attack. Some 40 GB of personal data and emails were stolen and distributed on the web. The most embarrassing details are leaking out in drips and drabs. Producer Scott Rudin has come in for a particularly harsh thrashing, given that he was caught on email cracking jokes about President Obama liking Kevin Hart films (because they’re both black, get it?) and slamming Angelina Jolie for trying to steal David Fincher away from Sony’s long-gestating Steve Jobs biopic.

Now, as you may remember, Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite—nay, probably my absolute favorite—person in Hollywood. So, obviously, #TeamAngie.

However, the idea that these emails reveal some sort of crazy sexist underbelly in the culture at large—the theory promulgated by Jessica Valenti over at that home of reasoned discourse, the Guardian—strikes me as dubious. Here’s Valenti:

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The New Republic: A ‘Storied’ History


The demise of the New Republic has prompted a proliferation of hot takes. There are differing opinions as to how embattled owner Chris Hughes should proceed, but almost everyone seems to agree on one thing: the “storied” nature of the institution.

“You may not care about the New Republic, but the 100-year magazine has a storied history that came to an abrupt halt when most of its top journalistic talent resigned in a revolt against the owner,” wrote Howard Kurtz at Fox News. He wasn’t alone:

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Harry Reid Surrenders to the Koch Brothers


Future Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is profiled in today’s New York Times. Amazingly, the Koch brothers are not mentioned once.

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Jesus Leaves the MC: On the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Finale

Jax Teller

Spoilers and such for Sons of Anarchy below.

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Ellison’s Must Read of the day

Ellison 5

My must read of the day is “Gruber Survives,” by David Nather, in Politico.

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In Defense of Ben Edelman, the Jerk Who Was Right

mob pitchforks

OK, so, right now, as we speak, the Internet is in a big ole tizzy because Ben Edelman, a Harvard Business School professor, got snippy and overly legalistic with a Chinese restaurant that overcharged him for his food. You can read the whole thing here, but the long and the short of it is this: the restaurant advertised food for one price, then charged him more for it, and he demanded his money back plus triple damages.

Obviously, Edelman has too much time on his hands. And his interpersonal skills need some work. Fine. Granted.

But he’s right.

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