Hillary Clinton’s ‘Investment Strategy’ Has an Official Corporate Sponsor


VOX DOT COM makes money from corporate sponsors such as General Electric, a tax-dodging conglomerate that is despised by genuine liberals. Sometimes those ads appears in curious places, such as this one from Discover Card sponsoring a post about Hillary Clinton’s investment strategy. (Yes, there’s a correction at the bottom.)

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Prominent Clinton Foundation Donor Imprisons Crew of Journalists Investigating Worker Exploitation

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Qatari government, a prominent donor to the Clinton Foundation and a suspected enabler of terrorist groups, recently arrested and briefly imprisoned a group of BBC journalists reporting on worker exploitation in the oil-rich nation.

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Isolationism With Drones Is Leading to American Failure

National Peace Officers' Memorial Service, Washington, D.C., America - 15 May 2015
The Times of London reported this Sunday that, according to “senior American officials,” Saudi Arabia has decided to purchase nuclear weapons “off-the-shelf” from Pakistan.

Whether or not this specific report turns out to be accurate, it is clearly the case that the Gulf Arabs feel betrayed by the Obama administration’s facilitation of an Iranian nuclear program, not to mention our slow-motion withdrawal from the role of securing commerce in the Persian Gulf, and our abandonment of an ally in Yemen. It stands to reason that the Gulf Arabs will want nukes of their own, and they have not been shy about broadcasting that fact. So the result of Obama’s extension of an olive branch to the mullahs, his pursuit of realignment and peace in the Middle East, is a regional nuclear arms race.

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The ‘Trolling Don Draper’ Theory of the ‘Mad Men’ Finale


Discussion of the series finale of Mad Men below.

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11 Fortune 500 CEOs Who Made Less Than the Clintons in 2014

Gotta get paid. (AP)

Bill and Hillary Clinton raked in more than $25 million in 2014, according to financial disclosure forms released on Friday. That is more than double the annual salary of the average Fortune 500 chief executive.

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What The Humungus Crisis Can Teach Us About the Muhammed Cartoon Crisis

The Humungus 2

I was recently watching Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior—a documentary sent back in time from the near future about the state of the world following a catastrophic global war, a world in which gasoline is the single most precious commodity—and I realized that there is much we can learn from it. For instance, the Humungus teaches us that we cannot cower in the face of terrorists who demand that we give up our rights so as to live in peace.

No, seriously.*

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: A Feminist Triumph!


Over at the New York Post, Kyle Smith notes that Mad Max: Fury Road is a rather strikingly feminist picture:

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Two Follow-Up Questions For Clinton Foundation Donor George Stephanopoulos

Bill Clinton sits down with George Stephanopoulos in 2013.

ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos has acknowledged donating $50,000 to Clinton Foundation between 2013 and 2014, and has apologized for not disclosing it during his coverage of the controversy surrounding the foundation’s relationships with foreign donors. Stephanopoulos “disclosed” his donations to POLITICO after the Free Beacon contacted ABC News last night to request comment on the donations.

Here are two follow-up questions (because there’s no point reaching out to ABC News):

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13 Angry Seymour Hersh Responses, Ranked

An artist's rendition of Sy Hersh

Seymour Hersh this week authored an article for the London Review of Books in which he claims that the Pakistanis were holding onto Osama bin Laden for a number of years prior to the American raid in which the al Qaeda mastermind was killed. Additionally, Hersh’s sources allege that the Obama administration and the Pakistani government orchestrated an elaborate plan to simulate an American raid on the compound, after which bin Laden’s body would be taken to Afghanistan and, a week later, it would be announced that he had been killed in a drone strike.* Oh, also, SEALS shot bin Laden so many times that his body was torn to pieces and they then chucked portions of his body out of the helicopter on the ride back to base. For funsies. No word on whether or not this corpse desecration was at the behest of Opus Dei.

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Social Media’s Train Wreck During the Amtrak Derailment


As you are likely aware, there’s little I hate more than a dumb social media mob. So, needless to say, I was pretty annoyed last night when Jennifer Kim, a violinist with the Washington National Opera, was attacked by idiots on social media for stating that she was annoyed Amtrak wouldn’t let her back on the train to get her violin.

Note: This is a woman who has just been in a deadly train derailment and was forced to leave behind an instrument that likely cost her thousands of dollars and with which she earns her living. How did the idiots on Twitter treat this victim?

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Kanye West Praises Greatest Living President’s Fantastic Paintings


Kanye West once accused President George W. Bush of being a heartless racist who “doesn’t care about black people.” Now, after becoming more successful and sophisticated, he’s accusing Bush of being an accomplished artist who creates “very cool” portraits.

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23 People Who Are More Media Friendly Than Hillary Clinton

Reporters chase the Scooby Van.

Hillary Clinton has only answered eight questions from the press since announcing that she is running for president, and it’s been three weeks since she last talked to reporters. The Washington Post is counting every minute. Here are a few of the many individuals who have not been to afraid to speak to the media since April 21:

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Book: Hillary Clinton Donor Promotes Absentee Fatherhood

Clinton donor Elon Musk. (AP)

Tech billionaire and Hillary Clinton donor Elon Musk reportedly chastised an employee for missing a company event to witness the birth of his child.

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‘The Dadly Virtues,’ Available Now at an Amazon Near You

dadly virtues

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending an event celebrating the release of The Dadly Virtues, a sequel to last year’s hit collection of essays, The Seven Deadly Virtues. While the new collection is missing a few of the brilliant contributors that so thrilled audiences last time around—not naming any names—the newcomers (including my boss, Matthew …

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