Hillary Clinton Plagiarized Twitter Joke

/ AP

Hillary Clinton plagiarized a popular internet joke calling upon Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account, a Washington Free Beacon analysis reveals.

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Moocher Fails to Get Free Luxe Dinner, Pens Think Piece Years Later

Peter Thiel laughs at your demands for free food, moochers (AP)

A few years back, a writer for the New York Times who is now a special correspondent for Vanity Fair went to a “salon” at billionaire (and American hero) Peter Thiel’s house. The writer starved himself all day because he figured the wealthy investor would be offering tons of awesome food to the intellectuals and billionaires and CEOs and, um, journalists he had invited to chit chat. “Thiel, I assumed, would be presiding over some sort of gluttonous feast,” Nick Bilton writes. “I presumed that chefs had been at work for days glazing carrots with a thyme-honey citrus sauce, preparing succulent Thomas Keller–esque chicken.”

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The Seven Most Essential D.C. Restaurant Dishes of 2016

ThaiPhoon shrimp via Ruby Tuesday's Facebook page

Inspired by the Washington Post’s “40 most essential D.C. restaurant dishes of 2016” (Shafout at Marib! Ayote con queso pupusa at Pupuseria El Comalito! Khao soi gai at Baan Thai!), the Washington Free Beacon is proud to offer up its own list for our hard-working readers.

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Who Said It: The Journal of American Greatness, or Paleocon Diary?

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, and Harry Jaffa.

Paleocon Diary is a hilarious parody blog in which are recorded the works and days of one “John M. Harris.” He is a convert to Russian Orthodoxy and American Conservative subscriber who hates neoconservatives, Likudniks, money-changers, and the bourgeoisie, struggles with leading his family amidst the moral waste-heap of contemporary liberalism, and exhibits an unsettling preoccupation …

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Guys, Hillary Clinton Has Been Winning the Twitter for a Long Time Now

Hillary Clinton

So Hillary Clinton tweeted this at Donald Trump today.

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‘Can We Take a Joke?’ Trailer

Adam Carolla

This looks like a good and important documentary: The simple answer to the titular question is “no.” We live in an age when many people think comedy serves only one purpose, to promote the various causes of liberalism and leftwing thinking. This is why there are constant exhortations to “not punch down” and “punching down” …

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Donald Trump Versus American Exceptionalism

i can think of one way that donald trump is exceptional

Sometimes I get the sense that Donald Trump is not a real person but an algorithm designed to make every Republican who supports him look like a giant hypocrite. For instance, I’m old enough to remember when the right was annoyed with President Obama for not believing strongly enough in the idea of American exceptionalism. Sure, …

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9 Reasons I’m for Clinton 2016

Naww, not her

You think I’m talking about Hillary? Puh-leez. The candidate America needs is her amazing brother-in-law, Roger. Here are nine reasons why. 1) Youth Roger Clinton is turning 60 this year, which means he is much closer to the mean age of presidents at their inauguration—55—than either Hillary or Donald Trump. Teddy Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bill himself: …

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Evil Companies the Free Beacon Will Accept Ad Revenue From

ocp logo

Big news today, as BuzzFeed announced it won’t accept money from the Republican National Committee because Donald Trump is terrible. Lots of outrage on the right, but I appreciate the bold stance: more media companies should admit their biases and be done with it. At least BuzzFeed is putting its money where its mouth is and foregoing the revenue altogether.

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How ‘The Longest Day’ Got D-Day Wrong

Omaha Beach, sometime in June, 1944, after D-Day / AP

A recommendation for your D-Day commemorative reading: S.L.A. Marshall’s brilliant 1960 account of the assault on Omaha Beach, based on notes he took as an official Army historian during the landings in Normandy.

To say that Marshall’s account is wrenching radically understates the case. He published it in the Atlantic Monthly as a corrective to what he saw as a sanitized history of D-Day promoted by Army historians and Hollywood producers who, quite reasonably, saw the day as an American victory. It was only natural that they would focus on success stories, as Marshall explains:

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D-Day on Twitter

literally the last time in history that bicycles were used for good instead of evil

Today’s the anniversary of D-Day, the date on which Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy. It was a horrifying, awe-inspiring day:

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Violence in Politics Is Bad

Anti-Trump 'protesters' in San Jose (AP)

This is bad.

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Move Over, Bud Light, Here are Five More Totally #Woke Brands

Typical #woke Bud Light fan

Bud Light wants you to know that gay marriage is great, just like their water-based product. Here’s their new ad about Steve and Greg’s wedding: The #BudLightParty supports everyone’s right to marry whomever they want, then throw a party for all their friends.https://t.co/DhyGqXupk0 — Bud Light (@budlight) June 1, 2016 So moving! Not too mention …

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I write today to mourn the passing of a beautiful creature unjustly put down in the prime years of its life for having the misfortune of being near a human being. I speak, of course, of the poor Rancor brutally slaughtered by intergalactic space terrorist Luke Skywalker.

We’ve all seen the footage of the Jedi entering the poor creature’s habitat and the carnage that follows. But have we really seen it? I mean, I don’t know about you, but it looked to me like the Rancor was simply trying to protect the fragile human who had slipped into his cave. Look at this tender image:

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Summer Reading Recommendation: Brad Thor

Brad Thor

If you’re looking for some summer beach reading, might I suggest the work of Brad Thor? The #1 New York Times-bestselling author has a new title dropping in two short weeks: Foreign AgentThe latest in Thor’s Scott Harvath series, Foreign Agent‘s plot sounds pretty intriguing!

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