While Libya Burns, U.S. Ambassador Goes Yacht Watching on a Beach in Malta

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Safira Deborah. (Twitter)

The situation in Libya continues to deteriorate. Islamic terrorists have reportedly seized control of the airport in Tripoli after days of heavy fighting, while Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have launched a series of secret air strikes on militant positions, according to U.S. officials. U.S. ambassador to Libya Safira Deborah has fled the country.

On Monday, Deborah wrote on Twitter that she was “still” in the island nation of Malta, a popular tourist destination known for its sunny beaches. She included a photo as proof:

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Alexandria Morgan Is Too Hot for TV

Alexandria Morgan Instagram

Calling Alexandria Morgan the “Next Kate Upton” just because she posed in a patriotic one-piece is painting with too broad a brush. Alexandria has her own special attributes. She’s her own person. Eyes up here, buddy.

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Sad Liberals: Cornel West and a Salon Columnist Attempt to Talk Through Their Obama Disillusionment

Foremost public intellectual Cornel West. (AP)

Did you miss Salon’s EXCLUSIVE interview with “public intellectual” Cornel West? Of course you did. But it’s worth a quick skim, if only to take in the adorable agony of two liberals suffering through a bad case of Obama disillusionment syndrome. Here are the highlights.

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Ending the Starbucks ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Cult, for America

Wikimedia Commons

My new American hero is Peter Schorsch. He should be yours too.

Peter Schorsch did something for our nation that took courage and conviction. He knew he’d be assaulted for it, and he did it anyway and then stood by his actions. Even bragged about it. He held to his convictions and said he’d do it again, no matter how unpopular it made him. Peter Schorsch did what we all thought about doing but didn’t have the guts.

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‘Canada Sucks’: A Winning Message in 2014 (and Beyond!)

Canada's got a new king

Over at Business Insider, Joe Weisenthal discusses the political implications of Burger King’s purchase of Canadian donut company Tim Hortons. The home of the whopper and the … home of the maple bear claw (or whatever) will merge and Burger King will, for tax purposes, become a Canadian company. This is called a “tax inversion,” and American companies have been partaking in such moves to avoid America’s punitively high corporate tax rates. Here’s Jon Hartley explaining why it makes sense for Burger King to abandon America for the Great White North:

Canada’s corporate tax rate in Ontario of 26.5% (the federal rate of 15% plus Ontario’s provincial corporate tax rate of 11.5%) is considerably favorable to the American corporate tax rate of 35% thanks in large part to the conservative Canadian government led by Stephen Harper. The Harper government lowered the federal tax rate to 15% in 2012 down originally from 28% since it took office in 2006.

Weisenthal thinks that BK’s move plays right into the hands of the Democrats:

the news gives Democrats another talking point. The potential departure of an iconic American company because of “corporate greed” will be trotted out on the campaign trail.

Now, this is undoubtedly the narrative that the media will go with, because the media, writ large,* believes that corporations (and the super-wealthy, though not the modestly wealthy because many upper-level journos are in the modestly wealthy bracket) should be paying higher taxes. So they’ll be more than happy to parrot Democratic talking points about greedy corporations and such.

But the Republicans have a chance to lay out a winning message. And that message is this: Canada Sucks.

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day is “The Golf Address,” by Maureen Dowd, in the New York Times.

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Anne Hathaway Trolls So Hard in See-Through Ice Bucket Challenge

America's Sweetheart (AP)

Anne Hathaway drives a certain segment of the female populace completely and utterly insane. They think she’s a phony, they hate the fact that she’s constantly taking her clothes off on film, and they routinely accuse her of trying to seduce her (married) costars. I’ve heard her described as “that drama girl who tries too hard”—among other, far less printable, names. These feelings are so deep and so widespread, there’s actually a name for her detractors: “Hathahaters.”

Personally, I think these people are nuts. Anne Hathaway is America’s sweetheart, a true original and a great success story. She’s been unfairly targeted by the paparazzi and kept her wits about her, endearingly turning creepy questions about her underwear back on those who would judge her. But game respect game, so I have to give a tip of the homburg to Ms. Hathaway for her latest bit of epic trolling, which will undoubtedly infuriate the Hathahaters to no end. Behold: Anne Hathaway takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a see-through top!

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Here Are Your Sexy 2014 NFL Season Storylines


We know we’re midway through the preseason now that Cleveland picked a starting quarterback, even if the Browns could use another three or seven practice games to decide between Brian Hoyer and Johnny $12K.

To celebrate the occasion, I’m going to borrow SI‘s construct of highlighting compelling story lines. Because imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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Ellison’s Election Tip Sheet

Ellison Barber election tip sheet


Incumbent Senator Kay Hagan is losing ground, according to the latest poll from Public Policy Polling.

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Banishing ‘Evil’ from Our Political Lexicon Will Not Stop Evildoers

A dead evildoer (via VICE)

There’s this odd notion that it is childish to describe evil acts as evil. Adults, you see, only recognize shades of gray. Hence the reaction from Basement Troll Twitter when I noted, in a rare moment of pro-Hillary sentiment from a Free Beacon staffer, that she was one of the few people on the left who had been acting like an adult when it came to ISIL and the standoff between Israel and Hamas.

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day is “Despite ISIS Horror, Congress Is Wary of U.S. Military Expansion,” in the New York Times.

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Shocking Development: For Once, Republican Candidates Aren’t the Ones Embarrassing Themselves

Montana Senate candidate Amanda Curtis (D)

A crazy person is running for Senate in Montana. If you didn’t know any better, you might reasonably assume that this candidate was nominated by the GOP. But you’d be wrong. Not this cycle, in which Republicans have largely avoided the missteps that cost it seats in 2010 and 2012, and have managed to assemble an impressive slate of candidates. For once, Democrats are a bigger embarrassment.

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Bryana Holly Not So Into Politics, Clothes

Bryana Holly Instagram

Swimsmoke Bryana Holly models for a variety of brands, but her latest for Me Undies is notable in that if you see it in person you are likely to get a crick in your neck from staring at it.

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