Analysis: New Clinton Foundation Donor Policy Doesn’t Value Diversity

Blinded by the white.

The Clinton Foundation made headlines last week when it announced that, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is actively running for president, the charitable organization would continue to accept foreign donations. However, it would now only accept money from a few choice governments.

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Flashback: The Time Hillary Clinton Was Brought to Tears at the Thought of an Obama Presidency

Tears for fears.

Hillary Clinton is in New Hampshire today to campaign for president and steal other people’s children. A number of media outlets are marking the occasion by revisiting a memorable moment from the 2008 Democratic Primary: the time Clinton teared up at a campaign event in New Hampshire before winning that state’s primary.

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‘He’ll Be a God to Them’


The new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part One Section A Version Three) trailer dropped last week after some a-hole released a shaky-cam sub-HD version of the trailer on social media. It’s not as bad as stealing Game of Thrones episodes, but it’s still kind of a dick move. Check it out here:

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How the Media Covers Clinton Scandals


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is facing an array of scandals related to her family’s global charity operation, the Clinton Foundation, and its shady dealings with foreign governments and oligarchs. As a result, Republicans are criticizing her. Guess which angle the media find particularly fascinating?

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James Mattis Feels Sorry For Those Who Didn’t Serve


James Mattis is legendary among Marines. He commanded the first Marines to land in Afghanistan in 2001, the 1st Marine Division in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and ultimately led U.S. Central Command until he was compelled to retire early over tensions with the Obama administration regarding Iran.

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ANALYSIS: There’s Something Fishy About The (New) New Republic

Truth will out.

I’ve been calling out transparent BS since before I could talk. I know it when I see it. The so-called game of “peek-a-boo”? A dirty lie. I preferred “Battleship.” Still do.

My sensors were flaring last week when I accidentally clicked on a link to the left-wing New Republic website, after mistaking it for one of my favorite middle-of-the-road blogs, Something didn’t sit right. Obviously, the content was atrocious. But then I looked at some of the bylines.

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Let the Trolling Commence: Liberals Take Shots at Hillary Clinton

Troll so hard.

Many liberals support Hillary Clinton because she’s not a Republican and wouldn’t it be awesome to have our first woman president and stuff. Other liberals have actual beliefs when it comes to politics, and aren’t convinced by Clinton’s campaign rationale: “I recently became a grandmother and I really want to be president.” Now that Hillary is actually running, some of these liberals are starting to troll her, which is kind of amusing to watch.

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A Brief Defense of Hillary Clinton (!) and a Longer One of Britt McHenry

I'm using a photo of Britt and not Hillary, because obvi?

Of the many Hillary Clinton gaffes this week, the one I found least compelling was her totally reasonable refusal to “tip” the employees at Chipotle. I don’t know when we started tipping fast food workers (it certainly didn’t start when I was manning the counter at McDonald’s), but the whole idea is idiotic for any number of reasons: We tip waiters because they are providing a wholly different, far more complex service and because they make the tipped wage (the federal minimum wage for tipped employees is just $2.13/hour) and rely on tips for their livelihood. This faux-controversy is dumb. LEAVE HILLARY ALONE (about this; feel free to pile on about everything else).

More complex is the situation around Britt McHenry. Now, you’ve probably never heard of Britt McHenry—but neither had most of the people calling for her to be fired after video of her freaking out on a tow truck company’s employee surfaced. It took almost the entire work day for the social media mob to find someone to sacrifice, but they did it! Good job, good effort guys. We needed our daily expiation!

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‘Ex Machina’: An ‘Ideas Movie’

Alex Garland

“Basically, it’s an ideas movie,” Alex Garland said toward the end of our interview about his new picture, Ex Machina. “It’s to provoke conversations and the thing I really hoped about this film more than anything—and it was made at a budget that allowed this to happen, a sort of creative freedom, really—is that it could be thoughtful.”

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Hillary Clinton Parks Luxury Van in Handicapped Parking Spot In Desperate Appeal to Youth Voters

Youthful disregard for authority.

Journeyman presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is desperate to portray herself as youthful and attuned to the concerns of “everyday Americans.” These efforts were on full display Thursday when, in an attempt to associate herself with the celebrity heroes of our nation’s youth—and in another slight at differently abled people—Hillary parked her expensive luxury vehicle in a handicapped parking spot.*

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Hillary Clinton Is Lucille Bluth, Explained

Hillary Clinton (left) and Lucille Bluth.

Hillary Clinton’s road trip to Real America has been entertaining to watch. Her adventures trying to interact with “everyday” common folk on the campaign trail has reminded us of another out-of-touch dynastic matriarch: Lucille Bluth. The similarities are uncanny:

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Ours Is an Age Too Silly to Satirize


At some point yesterday in the early afternoon, I realized that our society is almost impossible to satirize.

Consider, for instance, that a feminist professor on a college campus was hit with a Title IX complaint for … noting that the younger generation of feminists on college campuses, steeped in the culture of victimhood, was too quick to try to shut down debates that make them uncomfortable. Seriously:

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The Hillary Clinton Minimum Wage Challenge

Journeyman presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks about money. (AP)

A Seattle CEO is making headlines for his decision to cut his own pay and raise his employees’ minimum salary to $70,000 a year. Dan Price, the chief executive of Gravity Payments, said he made the decision after ready a study that showed that giving people more money makes the happy.

At least one influential liberal blogger was very excited about the news.

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Watch Hillary Clinton Nod and Sip Water While Maintaining Eye Contact with an Everyday Iowa Voter

Triple threat.

Journeyman presidential candidate Hillary Clinton interacted with some everyday Iowa students in a garage on Tuesday, and taught all of us a lesson in the art of relatable politicking.

On several occasions during the roundtable event, Clinton revealed herself as a true “triple threat” by demonstrating an array of crucial skills that, when deployed correctly, can make even the most out-of-touch politicians appear somewhat human.

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This Young Child Is Terrified by the Thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency

Terrifying. (AP)

Hillary Clinton’s decision to run for a president again—after failing the first time—is not sitting well with at least one American child.

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