Media Pine for Reality TV Star Billionaire of Their Own


“Now back to the question we’ve been asking.”

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Mainstream Media Ignores Pelosi’s ‘Crumbs’ Comments About Bonuses

Imagine scores of the nation’s largest employers have announced $1,000 bonuses, wake hikes and employee investments in direct response to a Democratic tax overhaul.

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Media Off to the Races to Getting Everything Wrong in 2020

Donald Trump

After getting everything so spectacularly wrong in 2016, it’s refreshing to see the media humble themselves, not buy too much into early polling, and take a subdued approach to the next presidential contest in 2020.

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War Movies, Eagles, and Rats (New Substandard)

In this new mind-numbingly long episode of the Substandard (subscribe, leave a review, tell your friends), we discuss the impending Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl.

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Why Not *Literally* Sign Larry Nassar’s ‘Death Warrant’?

In an odd moment of judicial bravado today, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina proclaimed “I just signed your death warrant” to Larry Nassar while sentencing him to as many as 175 years in prison. Twitter and IRL lawyer Gabriel Malor suggested some reasons as to why this bit of showboating was improper, and his thoughts are well worth reading. Mostly, though, I was left wondering: “Well, why not literally sign a death warrant for Nassar?”

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2018 Oscar Nominations: A Good Year For Fish-F*king

The Oscar nominations are out! Some thoughts, in no particular order:

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Casual Corruption, Defined

police cop ticket

I feel like I’m a relatively jaded person. I don’t like to think of myself as naive. I know that some people get a pass for certain things because of what they do and who they know. It happens, that’s life.

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Media Praise Speech Delivered for the Media

Sen. Jeff Flake

In a shocking development, the media loved a speech teased to the media, written for the media, and delivered in its entirety for the media.

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Paul Thomas Anderson, Eagles Fanfiction, and Favorite Restrooms (New Substandard)

In this week’s episode of the Substandard (subscribe, leave a review, tell your friends), Sonny reviews Phantom Thread, which he says is funny in subtle ways.

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The New York Times Won’t Let Mahmoud Abbas Have His YOLO Moment

Mahmoud Abbas

You’re the president of the Palestinian Authority, a darling of the western left and western media, but largely powerless in your own back yard. You’re 82 years old, in the 12th year of a four-year term, and many people are no longer taking you very seriously because your great patron and promoter, Barack Obama, is no longer President of the United States.

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How Bright is Netflix? (New Substandard)

In the latest episode of the Substandard (subscribe, tell your friends, leave a review!), we discuss a movie that cost $90 million to make, stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and never even made it to theaters: Bright.

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CNN Has ‘Lost It’

CNN Fire and Fury

I’m starting to worry about CNN’s “mental fitness.”

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How Trump Can Cut Aid to a Horrible U.N. Program

President Donald Trump talks to the press

These have been good weeks for supporters of the U.S.-Israel alliance and peace in the Middle East. The president made history with his Jerusalem announcement, and his critics—the U.S. foreign policy establishment, Europe, the media—were embarrassed after their dire and hysterical predictions of violence failed to come true.

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Golden Globes Wrap Up

The problem with writing seriously about the Golden Globes is that it’s a fundamentally unserious enterprise, one in which winners are chosen by a few dozen ciphers whose outsized power leads to all sorts of whispers about corruption and celebrity suck-uppery. I know, I know: in Hollywood, it’s rarely about merit so why should the awards be any different? But still, the Golden Globes is especially egregious in its chicanery.

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‘All the Money in the World’ Mini-Review

All the Money in the World

I think it’s fair to say that All the Money in the World will be remembered as an oddity, first and foremost. It may end up being the apotheosis of the #MeToo movement’s influence on Hollywood, a major film whose backers were so spooked by rumors of sexual misconduct that millions were spent on reshoots so an actor in it could literally be erased from the picture.

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