One Area Where the Luddites Are Winning

Luddite (AP)

A few weeks back, Alan Jacobs wrote an eminently reasonable response to claims that luddites were winning the tech wars that can be summarized thusly: “Hooey.”

What world does Michael Solana live in? Apparently, a world where Luddites have taken power and have driven our kind and benevolent technologists into some pitiful hole-and-corner existence, where no one dares to suggest that technology can solve our problems. … I have to say, it’s pretty cool to get a report from such a peculiar land. Where you and I live, of course, technology companies are among the largest and most powerful in the world, our media are utterly saturated with the prophetic utterances of their high priests, and people continually seek high-tech solutions to every imaginable problem, from obesity to road rage to poor reading scores in our schools.

This is all spot on: Tech will save us everywhere and in every endeavor, and there are no shortage of folks selling that idea. There is one area where the luddites are having remarkably more success, however, and that’s farming.

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‘What Invasion?’ The Obama Administration Finally Responds to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


The Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine is proceeding apace. The Obama administration acknowledged Thursday that up to 1,000 Russian troops have crossed the border in recent days, along with assorted military hardware. NATO concurs.

Lithuanian ambassador to the United Nations Raimonda Murmokaite put it rather succinctly:

So why is the Obama administration refusing to call it an invasion?

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You Won’t Believe Who’s Attacking Rand Paul for Being Insufficiently Hawkish

Rand Paul

On Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal blaming the United States for the rise of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State, while taking shots at “interventionists” like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well “hawkish members” of the Republican Party.

Beyond that, it is unclear what Paul is trying to argue, as the op-ed is only semi-coherent. As best I can tell, he is suggesting that U.S. policymakers talking about military intervention in Syria, and then ultimately deciding against it, is a major reason why ISIS came to power. Or something. He also comes out in favor of having both foresight and hindsight.

Paul’s column invited a lot of predictable criticism, but it was also trashed by an unlikely source:

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day is “Democrats Are (Slowly) Learning to Love Obamacare,” in the Atlantic.

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Miley’s Date Deserves To Be Homeless

Miley Cyrus poses with her homeless 'date' to MTV's VMAs / AP

Miley Cyrus’ homeless “date” for the MTV Video Music Awards is homeless because of his own horrible life decisions. It may not be politically correct, but it’s true (the two often go hand in hand).

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Liberal Conundrum: Evil Koch Brothers Want to Demilitarize the Police

(Caroline Schiff Photography, flickr)

Liberals really hate the Koch brothers. Their Koch hatred is so intense than when David Koch donated $100 million to a New York City hospital early this year, liberals protested the hospital.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the Kochs’ views on issues such as gay marriage and immigration often align with their own, liberals are convinced that an ancient evil surges through their Koch veins.

So it must be confusing when, after the overwhelming police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri prompted many liberal to decry the increasing militarization of the American police force, they were told that Koch brothers agree with them, and have supported efforts to highlight the problem since long before the events in Ferguson. The Daily Beast reports:

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Tony Soprano Lives (Kinda)

Tony Soprano

So, over at Vox, Martha P. Nochimson got Sopranos creator David Chase to spill the beans about the fate of Tony Soprano. If you recall, HBO’s flagship drama (and almost inarguably the best television show ever made) ended with Tony and Carm and AJ sitting at a diner table eating some onion rings when, all of a sudden, the screen went black. The question henceforth was whether or not Tony got whacked. A plausible argument could be made for both cases. But now the arguments over whether he is dead have been settled:

“No he isn’t.”

Fair enough! Over at the Post, Alyssa Rosenberg notes that this is a fitting demise:

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The State Should Shame People Who Pee in the Street

Pee here, not on the street (photo by Flickr user kerryanndame)

Noted squish Mark Hemingway posted this in horror earlier today on Twitter:

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Liberals Are Getting Ready for Hillary by Embracing Heartless Corporations

Hillary Clinton waves to a crowd of commoners at the New York Stock Exchange. (AP)

Liberal are very agitated about Burger King’s decision to acquire Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons in a move that will allow the company to “invert” its headquarters to Canada, and pay a significantly lower tax rate.

Their first instinct was to accuse the “unpatriotic” burger chain of treason. However, conflicting emotions ensued once they learned that “good” billionaire Warren Buffett helped financed the deal.

It doesn’t really matter though, does it? Because Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee in 2016, and anyone who thinks she is going to coddle Corporate American any less than the Obama administration has over the years is kidding themselves.

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Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

Why They Hate Us: Understanding the Root Cause of Corporate Treason

Hey, NOT ALL corporations are economic traitors! (flickr user Kendra Kellogg)

It’s time to end the War on Corporations. A good place to start would be to stop lashing out at treasonous non-state actors like some kind of economic police force, and start addressing the root causes of this phenomenon. Ideally, we would also try to stamp out Corporate-phobia in America, an ugly sentiment that ignores the legitimate grievances of corporations, and in some cases drives them to engage in economic treason.

Anti-corporate hostility reached new heights this week following the announcement that Burger King was acquiring Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons in order to relocate its headquarters to Canada for tax purposes, a process known as an “inversion.” The move comes a month after U.S. pharmaceutical company moved its headquarters to Ireland via inversion in order to enjoy a lower tax rate.

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Sofia Vergara: Feminist Icon

Sofia Vergara Feminist Icon

A lot of people are very upset that Sofia Vergara—an American success story* if there ever was one—has engaged in the extremely non-feminist activity of having a sense of humor about herself. In case you missed it, and I have no idea how you might have given it’s all anyone’s whinging about this morning, Vergara was put on a literal pedestal during a bit about the Emmys and how they have lots of lady-members or whatever. The bit itself was only kind of funny; its one redeeming quality was Vergara’s humorous and appropriate physical comedy, as well as her pride and sense of self-respect. She’s the best.

Anyway, if there’s anyone that feminists should be celebrating, it’s Sofia Vergara. Through dint of her own hard work she has become an international icon and found success as a proud Colombian actress in the United States of America, no mean feat in these days of raucous immigration debates. So allow me to provide some crucial context about the awesomeness of Sofia Vergara, Feminist Icon.

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Model Jess Perez Does Ice Bucket Challenge, World Never the Same

Jess Perez Facebook

Sports Illustrated swim smokes taking the ice bucket challenge was going to happen eventually. It just was surprising that out of all of the remote locales SI editors could have set the challenge, they chose the least exotic place on the planet: a minor league ball park in Brooklyn.

I’m quite familiar with Ariel Meredith. That’s her on the right, and she is well known throughout the world  for her love of goats and disdain for breast augmentation. But I wasn’t as familiar with her friend on the left, Jess Perez.

Get ready for your close-up, Jess.

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