Weather Channel Reporter ‘Keeps It Real’ on Blizzard, Dating


Weather Channel on-camera meteorologist Stephanie Abrams told viewers she was going to "keep it real and keep it authentic" Friday while talking about the blizzard Winter Storm Jonas expected to pummel the East Coast, even going so far as to dispense dating advice.

Abrams encouraged viewers to join her on the "social medias" to keep getting information about the storm.

"We can talk more about it. I'm all about communication," she said. "You know what? It's all about communication in life. If you just say it calmly and you communicate, then we're all good. Everyone knows what's up. Everyone's on the same page. Dating advice and weather advice from Stephanie Abrams. Back to you. Haha, I'm already losing my mind and it's Day 1 of this storm!"

"A lot of people are like, ‘Give me the numbers! Give me the numbers!' I'm going to tell you why we're having trouble with this forecast and why it is so tough," she said. "I'm going to keep it real and keep it authentic. That's how I roll."

While blizzard warnings connote the idea of lots of snow, she also said, the wind could be so strong for so many people that it may cause serious visibility issues even with just a couple inches of show, hence the warnings.

"There is no criteria in the definition of a blizzard for snowfall," she said. "It is winds and visibility. OK? So, keep that in mind here … Anywhere from New York northbound. Our forecast is hard, so just keep that in mind. That's just a reality of the science, of the forecasting, and unfortunately, I think we're going to have to really wait until tomorrow until we can figure out exact numbers here."


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