Student Selling Ad Space on Graduation Cap to Pay Student Loans


A University of Michigan-Flint student is selling ad space on his graduation cap to pay off his student loans, Campus Reform reports.

Alex Benda, a 22 year old majoring in international business, is auctioning off 100 one inch by one inch advertising spaces on top of his hat for $300 each.

If Benda sells every single space, he will earn $30,000, enough money to pay off his student debt. Benda has put his campaign on and has earned $1,615, although only in donations. […]

Donors who give twenty dollars get a thank-you letter "plus a badly drawn sketch of [their] choice," and donors who give fifty dollars will receive thank-you on Benda's YouTube channel."

Donors who give a hundred dollars or more get all of the previous rewards along with a phone call from Benda on a "minimum 5 minute conversation on any topic."