POTUS Parties with the Stars


Starlet Sarah Jessica Parker wowed guests at her Manhattan digs Thursday evening, hosting a glitzy bash featuring some of the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, and politics.

Parker, who according to a White House pool report donned an "elegant updo" and "black lace dress," hobnobbed with notable celebs such as fashion designer Michael Kors, Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen, diabolical Vogue editor and dictator apologist Anna Wintour, and a bevy of unidentified "attractive people."

President Barack Obama, along with his wife, Michelle, were also in attendance. Parker reportedly asked the crowd to greet the couple "hopefully, with enormous enthusiasm" and praised Mrs. Obama for doing "amazingly important things these last four years."

The president hailed the "resilience" of everyday Americans, one of whom was in attendance Thursday. Hospital administrator Robin Hunt won a $3 raffle to be seated amongst the stars.

Guests conversed in the lavish surroundings of Parker’s home, which featured "ample art," as well as "floor to ceiling bookshelves and two large marble fireplaces."