A Taste of Taiwan

It was an honor to be invited to a dinner hosted by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (for all intents and purposes, the embassy of Taiwan).

Donald Trump Is Killing Humor

I mean, not literally. Donald Trump is not drone-striking humor. But his mere existence is really making it hard for institutions that have long dabbled in political humor to do anything remotely funny, as Harry Cheadle at Vice recently noted about SNL’s terrible—terrible—string of recent cold opens.

Here’s Cheadle:

Without Firing a Shot

When liberal historian John Patrick Diggins informed Arthur Schlesinger Jr. that he was writing a biography of Ronald Reagan, Schlesinger urged him not to make Reagan “look too good.”

But unlike Schlesinger, who made “his” president—John F. Kennedy—look too good (i.e., an Arthurian king who would have ended the Cold War had he dodged Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullets), Diggins was an old-fashioned historian, the kind who followed the evidence no matter where it led.

‘Godard Mon Amour’ Review

Godard Mon Amour

Godard Mon Amour (originally titled Le Redoubtable) is a searing condemnation of the ways in which politics have a tendency to creep into every nook and cranny of life, from artistic endeavors to love affairs to friendships. Given the heightened tensions of our age, it couldn’t be more timely or more timeless.

Anti-Semitic Bully Is Better At Apologizing Than Media Professionals

Over the past weekend, I saw a video that made my blood boil. In the video shared on Twitter and Facebook, a New York City man approached a young Jewish boy with a traditional Hassidic haircut and begins mocking him to his face. “I’d be crying if I looked like that, too, bro,” the grown …

SPLC Complains Cinco de Mayo Festivities Are ‘Textbook Cultural Appropriation’

The Southern Poverty Law Center sent out a tweet on Cinco de Mayo warning revelers not to participate in “cultural appropriation.” “Most of the festivities surrounding #CincodeMayo in the US are textbook examples of cultural appropriation,” wrote the official account for the anti-racism and anti-extremism organization.   Most of the festivities surrounding #CincodeMayo in the …