Kidding on the Quad


It was just over twenty years ago that the physicist Alan Sokal pulled off his famous hoax—writing a mock paper on how the physical universe is just a social construct and sending it to Social Text, a hipster academic journal. Social Text, of course, published the absurd thing.

NFL Divisional Round Picks, with Pictures

cowboys POL_5409

Over the summer I attended a concert by a mediocre 90s band and was asked by its lead singer whether I believed in science. At the time, I did.

But then I lived through the NFL’s wild card weekend and witnessed the clearest evidence to date indicating that we are living in a post-science era of world history.

New Substandard Discusses Actors Who Direct, NFL Playoffs

Patriots Day

Actors who want to direct! The NFL playoffs! Drama at the Golden Globes! All this and (a very little bit!) more in this week’s Substandard! Leave a review here! Subscribe in iTunes or Google Play or other podcast thingies! Do one of those and I promise not to use any exclamation points next week!