On This Day in History: March 8, 2008


Jerry Fowler won the Walmart Bass Fishing League South Carolina Division tournament.

Serbia dissolved its parliament.

The New York Times said Bill Clinton was "consuming way too much oxygen" in an article highlighting the former president’s deleterious effect on his wife’s presidential campaign.

Bill Clinton will be a great asset to Hillary. For all we know, the former president has been showering his wife with brilliant strategic advice in the background. But as a public surrogate, Mr. Clinton has run disastrously off the tracks at times (see Carolina, South), engaging in red-face tirades on camera, offending black voters, infuriating party leaders and generally consuming way too much oxygen…

Hillary Clinton is surrounded by a cohesive, loyal and disciplined team of advisers. This would be the cohesive, loyal and disciplined team that burned through $100 million, spent $7 million on a state it lost by 29 points (South Carolina), was unwilling or incapable of organizing in caucus states and unprepared for much after Feb. 5.

Washington Post columnist Colbert King called Hillary a hypocrite for demanding that Obama denounce anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, despite her husband’s kind words for the Nation of Islam leader.

"Jesse [Jackson], and Mr. [Louis] Farrakhan and Rev. [Al] Sharpton probably have internal domestic political differences," Clinton is quoted as saying, "but they've agreed on this, and I think it's a good thing."

Clinton said: "I like the idea of a march, but I think it would also be good at the march for them to say, ‘We want to call your attention to this problem, and here's something else you can do. And that it's fine to be concerned about [homeland] security, but we also have to keep trying to make America strong and better here at home."

Post-White House Clinton found no fault with Farrakhan's leadership. There was no mention of Farrakhan's "malice and division" during the interview.

There was also no mention of a Farrakhan speech given that year, on Feb. 26, in which he reportedly told a Chicago audience: "Listen, Jewish people don't have no hands that are free of the blood of us [blacks]. They owned slave ships. They bought us and sold us. They raped and robbed us."

No matter. Bill Clinton, sitting with the Amsterdam News and enjoying his first full day in the office since his second operation, was good to go with Farrakhan's leadership of the Million More March — a fact he was willing to share with . . . a black audience.

And, pray tell, what was Hillary Clinton doing then?

Tattoo artist Kat Von D turned 26, noted Republican Freddie Prinze Jr. turned 32, and Angus star James Van Der Beek turned 31.

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