On This Day in History March 24, 2008

Jessica Chastain / AP


Black Stallion, Iron Outlaw, Monster Mutt Dalmation [sic], Maximum Destruction, Bounty Hunter, Donkey Kong, and Taz were among the big-wheeled finalists in the ninth annual Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas.

Details emerged of a great celebrity diet consisting of "smoking cigarettes, and taking drugs like Adderall and prescription horse pills."

Paris Hilton expressed her love of the countries of South Africa and West Africa.

Hillary Clinton finally came clean about lying about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. The Obama campaign called her a liar.

Sen. Hillary Clinton said she "misspoke" last week when she gave a dramatic description of her arrival in Bosnia 12 years ago, recounting a landing under sniper fire.

Clinton was responding to a question Monday from the Philadelphia Daily News' editorial board about video footage of the event that contradicted her assertion that her group "ran with our heads down" from the plane to avoid sniper fire at the Tuzla Air Base.

Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for rival Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, said the Bosnia claim was part of "a growing list of instances in which Sen. Clinton has exaggerated her role in foreign and domestic policymaking."

WWE star The Undertaker turned 43, famous Republican Peyton Manning turned 32, red-headed American Pie actress Alyson Hannigan turned 34, and Robin Williams scholarship recipient Jessica Chastain turned 31.

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