On This Day in History: March 2, 2008

Gloria Steinem Hillary Clinton

Gloria Steinem and Hillary Clinton / AP


Travis Chaney topped the leaderboard of the Ashland, Oregon, Scrabble Club with a high score of 542.

Photos emerged of Paris Hilton meeting a religious guru.

Dmitry Medvedev was elected to keep Russia’s presidential seat warm as Vladimir Putin took a break.

The Hillary Clinton camp distanced herself from rugged clothing enthusiast and campaign surrogate Gloria Steinem after she belittled John McCain’s military service.

"I mean, hello?" Steinem told a Texas crowd Saturday night as she was discussing McCain’s captivity by the Viet Cong.

"This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don’t think so," The New York Observer quoted her as saying…She went on to slam military experience in general – an unusual tactic in a state with some of the country’s largest military installations.

"I am so grateful that she hasn’t been trained to kill anybody," Steinem said of Clinton. […]

The red-faced Clinton campaign quickly denounced Steinem’s remarks.

"Senator Clinton has repeatedly praised Senator McCain’s courage and service to our country," campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said.

Cold War loser and Pizza Hut spokesman Mikhail Gorbachev turned 77, Workaholics star Blake Anderson turned 24, and Chris Christie friend Jon Bon Jovi turned 46.

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