New York Times Regrets ‘Wrong Choice’ of Photo

Still leaves photo in place

Wikimedia Commons


New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan expressed regret over the photo chosen for a story about murdered Israeli soldier Eden Atias, Israel Hayom reports.

The Times included a photo of the mother of Atias's killer, a choice which many editors said was a wrong one. However, the photo still accompanies the article online.

"The photograph was an emotional and sympathetic portrait of a distraught Palestinian woman, whose son had killed an unsuspecting young Israeli soldier on a public bus. Although it was a powerful image (in fact, partly because it was such a powerful image), it was a poor choice, failing to put the focus where it belonged," Sullivan wrote.

Sullivan spoke with several editors at the Times, who agreed with her assessment.

"This did not represent the essence of the story, which was clearly the moment of the Israeli soldier being stabbed," said one photography editor. She said a less-senior editor had chosen the photo.