Melissa Harris-Perry: MSNBC VP ‘Systematically Fired, Dismissed, and Gaslit Black Folk’

Melissa Harris-Perry / Getty Images


Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry lashed out at the network's senior vice president of talent and diversity, Yvette Miley, accusing her of having "systematically fired, dismissed, and gaslit black folk."

Perry's accusations came after finding out Miley was being honored by the National Association of Black Journalists, Page Six reported Wednesday.

Perry departed the network in March, 2016, claiming in an email to friends that she was being "silenced" when her show was pre-empted for two weeks to cover the 2016 presidential primaries. When Perry read an email from NABJ saying the organization was honoring Miley, old wounds were opened.

The NABJ email claimed that, "Miley was early in identifying the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement, the impact on the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the unrest in Ferguson[, Mo.]."

Perry responded with an emphatic email of her own.

"You MUST be kidding right?" she wrote. "She is the one who identified Trayvon Martin’s importance? Where is the part where she systematically fired, dismissed and gaslit black folk in national media while hiding behind the white boys at MSNBC?"

"Please remove me from the NABJ mailing list," Perry concluded.

Charles Fain Lehman

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