FYI, Ronan Farrow Used to Work at the State Department


MSNBC's new young host Ronan Farrow has a tendency of reminding his small audience he did, in fact, used to work at the State Department.

He is also friends with former Obama adviser David Axelrod.

Telling viewers about their resumés is not an uncommon quirk among MSNBC pundits. Chris Matthews also has been known to drop the fact that he once worked as an aide to former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill.

Numerous media outlets are deeply impressed with Farrow's background and super-funny Twitter feed, which includes such gems as:

Yet reviews of his show since its Feb. 24 debut have not been good. Also, in spite of his deep understanding of foreign policy from his wealth of experience, Farrow made a recent statement about Benghazi that PolitiFact rated "Mostly False."