Florida Family Brawls at Chuck E. Cheese


What was supposed to be a happy, fun outing for families at Chuck E. Cheese in Fort Myers proved to be more theatrical and violent than they could have ever imagined.

A brawl broke out at a Chuck E. Cheese in Fort Myers, Fla., causing patrons to flee and traumatizing young children. This is the second fighting incident in six months for the franchise.

WBBH spoke with Ashley, a mother of two, who was at Chuck E. Cheese and unfortunately witnessed the fight.

The brawl broke out after two children began arguing over tickets, prompting the kids’ parents to physically get involved in the disagreement. Ashley estimated that about ten to fifteen members from each family engaged in the violent fight. Family members began punching each other, throwing food, drinks, and any objects that were not bolted to the floor, and even used pepper spray. The mother said her two young children were terrified.

By the time police arrived, most patrons had already fled the scene. No arrests were made.

Chuck E. Cheese has issued a statement of apology.