Chris Matthews: President Should Know Whats Going On In The Government


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think it's both. I think it's bullying and overreaching. And the President looks like he doesn't have control of the steering wheel. When he has to tell us, Jon Stewart, he's brilliant, has shown us this week, every time the President learns about something, it's by picking up the newspaper. And the President ought to know what's going on in the government if he's going to run it. That’s, he doesn't have to know what's going on in the intricacies of an FBI investigation into A.P. but he ought to know his attorney general has just recused himself in a case involving the "associated press." Same with regards to the IRS he awed to know there was an IRS investigation a while back and there was an IG Report. And by the way I think he should have gotten it first, I don’t know why everyone else got it before he got it.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Enough said. 

MATTHEWS: By the way that was leaked so well, the IG report, very little came out the night it came out. We knew it all, how come he didn't know it?

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