Zack Snyder Respects the Ladies

Sucker Punch is way deeper than these costumes make it look

I did a Bloggingheads with Alyssa Rosenberg on Zack Snyder. It's essentially a 40-minute defense of the action auteur with a dash of Hollywood economics at the end. You should watch it, even though my voice is annoying and I'm kind of weirdly slouched over because I wasn't sure how to best position myself in front of my laptop camera. (Lay off, it was my first time. Nobody's good their first time.) (TWSS.) (Oh, grow up.) Here's a bit on Zack Snyder's treatment of women on film, which is kind of unique amongst action directors:

(Warning: You probably shouldn't listen to the whole thing until after you see Man of Steel if you're avoiding spoilers.)