Stuff the Magic Mascot Got His Kate Upton Proposal All Wrong


Every guy in a relationship can empathize with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander after what he went through last Friday night. If a guy can’t hit the head for two minutes without having some yahoo sweep in and try to steal his date, what's the world coming to?

A tip of the hat to the Orlando Magic’s Stuff the Magic Mascot for having the stones to try to steal home on Verlander and best the Cy Young winner by proposing to the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth.

Kate's a great sport, as this here Blog has documented endlessly, but Verlander? Dude pushed a bit too far this time.

I have some advice for Stuff. You can’t come off like a stalker and guerrilla-propose. Kate Upton has millions of admirers/creepers who do that using social media daily already.

And while we're at it, c'mon Stuff, you propose at a Magic game? At least jump out at a Miami Heat game where the team isn’t a bottom feeder. You don’t want that loser stink on your relationship.

Good thing Orlando doesn’t have a baseball team. I can see Verlander throwing high and way too tight to knock the stuffing out of Stuff the next time he's in town.

Then again, the Tigers have won as many championships as the Magic have in the last 25 years, so maybe Kate's into that sort of thing.