This photographer is selling images to restore the House of Stuart to the British Throne

Matthew Walther is an associate editor, roving correspondent, and photographer for the Washington Free Beacon. Inspired by the recent efforts of the Noor Images collective, he has decided to raise money for a cause very close to his heart: the restoration of Franz, Duke of Bavaria and heir-general to His Majesty James II and VII, to the throne of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland—and eventually to world emperor.

As Walther marks his second anniversary as an employee of the Free Beacon, he will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of his photographs to the Royal Stuart Society.

Walther selected the images personally from his vast archive. "I think these pictures really speak to the importance of one-world government by a Catholic monarch who exercises his role as the temporal enforcer of the Church's coercive authority over the baptized," he says. "I don't remember taking all of them, but they look pretty neat."


"These are members of the Nasty Women Choir I met in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. It was very cold that day. I chatted with some of them briefly about my membership in the Democratic Women's Leadership Forum. They aren't terribly keen on international Catholic monarchy—yet—but robes are very formal, just the sort of aesthetic that His Highness King Charles III is likely to usher in across the globe." $600


"A few days after Christmas I was with my wife and children at the Target on Richmond Highway. We were looking for really cheap decorations because we celebrate Christmas until Candlemas. At the front I saw all these Darth Vaders that were marked 60 percent off or whatever. I thought about buying one, but they're really too sleek-looking for my taste. They look like prequel Darths, if that makes sense. Anyway, I took a picture of them." $700


"Not this past weekend but the one before my wife and I had a guest. We were drinking a lot of wine, probably the fifth or sixth that day (that's what happens when you have an Episcopalian over) and we decided to go with this Sofia rosé, which I'm sort of meh about. Really I should have known better—we don't normally drink American wine at my house—because when I went to pour the first glass a nasty little bug fell out of the bottle. It's hard to see in the picture, but it was some kind of little silverfish-type thing—or maybe it was a beetle? I'm not an expert on entomology by any means, but I do know a decent amount about wine. I would say that "hints of exoskeleton" is not likely to get you above, say, an 85 in Wine Spectator. I wrote a letter, thus far unacknowledged, to Coppola with a similar image enclosed." Limited edition of 35, individually signed. $4000.


"This was that really scary cake at the Trump HQ on election night. I was there until pretty late, though eventually I had to leave with a reporter from Another Publication via an emergency exit because some Secret Service goon was saying we had to stay in the filing room for another hour while the First-Family-to-be made their way out of the building. It was complete BS. As of around 2:00 in the morning, though, no one had touched the cake." $450


"This is the trash in the men's room on the 26th floor of 1000 Wilson Boulevard. As you can see, there is a lot of paper towel in it—the white kind, not the brown. Isn't the brown kind recycled? Maybe we should be using that instead." Available both as a standard print and in an edition deluxe with signed 20-page booklet. $500/$8000


"This is another one from Target. I believe Michelangelo here was also at least 50 percent off. I would say that he was the worst character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters for Super Nintendo. My favorite was always Donatello." $500


"It's so important to have a clean desk. I threw away around 30 magazines the other day and stacked my books neatly. Underneath all of that stuff I found a wrapper that I think was from one of those Life Savers mints, which our office manager keeps at her desk. I sometimes grab one after lunch, especially if I've had halal or a deli sandwich with pesto—though on other occasions I just run down to CVS and buy some gum. Anyway, there was also the imprint of a coffee cup here." $800