NFL Week 6 Picks, with Emily Ratajkowski GIFs

I live by the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," and I hit a bunch of games last week so I see no reason to stray away from my decision to go all out with Emily Ratajkowski.

There still is room for improvement, of course, so this week I decided to put all the pictures of Emily in motion.

In honor of Emily's love for outsider Bernie Sanders, I am going with road warriors this week.

Here are my eight picks for week six:

San Francisco 49ers AT Buffalo Bills

Pick: 49ers +9

emrata red

Philadelphia Eagles AT Washington Redskins

Pick: Eagles -2.5

emrata grill behind

Cleveland Browns AT Tennessee Titans

Pick: Browns +7

emrata black

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Chicago Bears

Pick: Jaguars +2

emrata burger bite

Los Angeles Rams AT Detroit Lions

Pick: Rams +3

actual perfect gif

I try to keep my words to a minimum when dealing with Emily, but I have to point out that this above GIF is the perfect GIF.

Kansas City Chiefs AT Oakland Raiders

Pick: Chiefs -2

emrata red with white

Atlanta Falcons AT Seattle Seahawks

Pick: Falcons +6

emrata hair

New York Jets AT Arizona Cardinals

Pick: Jets +8

emrata bikini dance

You're all welcome.