John Wick Podcast! John Wick Podcast!

John Wick Podcast

Well, impending heart attack. If we keep shoving fried-chicken-covered tacos down Vic's gullet, he's not going to be with us much longer. Plus, this is the long-awaited John Wick Podcast. Subscribe! Leave a review! Every time you leave a review, Donald Trump promises to do a 77-minute press conference. You don't … hate the press, do you?

Leaving aside Vic's palpitations, this was a really great episode. Lot of talk about John Wick and Keanu Reeves. You'll love it, listen up.

A couple of notes. Earlier in the week, on this here weblog, I highlighted the oddness of Winston (Ian McShane) calling John Wick "Jonathan." And I also examined the John Wick economy, which seems to revolve around gold coins and murder, for the Washington Post. Here's a taste of that:

How these gold coins actually get into the hands of the assassins is still a bit of a mystery, given that the contracts we hear of are priced out in dollars. One wonders what the dollar-to-gold-coin conversion rate is, exactly, especially since the price-per-item for goods and services in The Continental seems relatively uniform: a coin for a drink, a coin for a gun, a coin for a favor, etc.

Outside of the hotel, things appear a bit more varied: Wick pays a corpse-removal service one coin per body in the first film, for instance, while doling out several coins at once for information on infiltrating the Roman catacombs in the sequel. What are we to make of all this? Well, as Marginal Revolution blogger and George Mason University economics professor Alex Tabarrok might say, "a price is a signal wrapped up in an incentive."

Anyway, I think I've fulfilled my John Wick Content Quota for the foreseeable future. Listen to the John Wick Podcast and read those John Wick Essays and tweet @JVLast with your various concerns and complaints. He would love to hear from you!