Dianne Feinstein’s ‘Overreaction’

Dana Milbank criticizes Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D., Calif.) "overreaction" to the string of Code Pink protests that disrupted the confirmation hearing of John Brennan last Thursday:

The only people truly eager to press Brennan on the drone program were Code Pink demonstrators, whose heckling forced Feinstein, after multiple interruptions, to suspend the hearing and order all public spectators removed from the room. That overreaction left 140 seats empty and a created undesirable irony: A hearing that should have been about transparency instead ended in the exclusion of the public.

Indeed, the public was so excluded from the hearing that it was forced to pick up the remote control and watch the entire thing on live television. If anything it was the Code Pink crazies, by preventing the peoples' representatives from asking a single question of Brennan, who were interested in "the exclusion of the public." I for one would like to see "Code Pink demonstrators" become "truly eager to press" Dana Milbank on the topic of his next column while he is on deadline. What an "undesirable irony" that situation would create.