Climate Change is About Government Power Not Green Power


If you watched the mainstream media reports on the climate change summit in New York City this week you'd think the debate is all about people power, green power, or renewable power. But it's really all about government power. Or, more to the point, the insidious acquisition of power by the government.

No matter where you stand on the science behind global warming, the power grab is undeniable. The debate is over.

Every initiative to "reduce green house gasses" and thereby "heal the planet" involves governments seizing power of you and your freedoms. Your freedom to drive what you wish. Your freedom to acquire energy in a free market. Your freedom to consume the energy you have willingly purchased. Your freedom to move freely outside the confines of government controlled transportation.

When journalists bother to talk to the people on the streets, the marchers demanding change, the unwashed masses celebrated by world leaders such as Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio, they actually learn what their real agenda is and what Obama and DiCaprio are really fighting for.

Case in point comes via Katherine Timpf at National Review. Unlike most of the media world, Timpf actually talked to marchers in New York without the benefit of a cadre of producers pre-screening the more honest leftists from the group. (Video is NSFW due to left-wing hippy profanity)

"All these people have names and addresses, like, every person f***ing us over, we know where they live, and we could go there, and burn their houses down," one protester tells Timpf.

Several protestors had violent solutions for how to save the planet.

"They should be taking f***ing sledgehammers and just busting up everything, and shutting the system down altogether" says another.

Other suggestions included going to the schools of wealthy people to "shame their children."

The interviews are enlightening and informative when viewed in context of Obama's call to action Tuesday at the sterile green marble podium of the UN. Whether your power comes from oil or coal or an atom or a wind turbine, what Obama and the world leaders cheering him on really care about is their power over you.

Ironically, these lemmings have the uninformed gall to chant "power to the people" as they willingly give their power (and freedoms) away.