A few random Oscar thoughts


• Michelle Obama delivering the best picture award—surrounded by nameless military members used as props by the White House, natch—is an obvious case of Hollywood's cluelessness about its own biases. Just ask yourself a question: Would Ann Romney have been asked to do the same?

• Also, the people who say "God, it's not bias, Ronald Reagan presented at the Oscars once too!" are idiots. Reagan provided a taped message early in the show, he didn't give away the biggest award of the night. Also: Ronald Reagan actually had ties to Hollywood. He was a star and the president of the Screen Actors Guild. It made sense for him to be involved with the show. It made no sense whatsoever for Obama to be there—except to prove yet again that Hollywood is essentially an adjunct of the Democratic party at this point.

• On the whole, however, I liked the show! I seem to be in the minority, but I enjoyed Seth MacFarlane's ribbing of the audience—especially since they didn't seem to dig it. Too much singing and dancing and that opening bit went on a while, but I found it entertaining. Also, it's immensely amusing that people are all riled up about MacFarlane making a joke about Chris Brown. That girlfriend-beating donkey got off easy, if you ask me.

• I'm really happy for Anne Hathaway. She seems nice.

• I thought Ben Affleck came off as a classless dick when he made fun of MacFarlane for struggling a bit.

• I loved that Django Unchained won a couple of big awards. As you'll recall, I thought it was the best film of the year. Christoph Waltz totally deserved his win—he's both the real lead of Django Unchained and the film's moral center. And it's always great to see Quentin Tarantino take home a trophy.

• Nailed it!

• Less singing and dancing next year, please.

• People who like James Bond seemed to like the Bond tribute, but I'm pretty meh. I've always been pretty meh on Bond. Never done much for me.