Wes Anderson Films, Ranked

The new Wes Anderson film is out, and it’s good! I love it. You should definitely go see it. Good, of course, is a relative construct. Good compared to most of the crap out there? Sure! Duh. But how good is it within the context of other Wes Anderson movies? I DON’T KNOW. LET’S FIND OUT.

Stephen Hawking, RIP

Here’s my Stephen Hawking story. It takes a minute, but we’ll get to him, I promise.

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Review

A Wrinkle in Time

To properly calibrate your expectations for this review, I should say at the outset: I’ve never read A Wrinkle in Time and therefore have no particularly strong feelings about the ways in which this film either pays homage to its source material or desecrates its codex. I judge the movie solely as a movie, and, as a movie, it’s mostly fine.

The Washington Free Beacon Podcast: Right and Righter Episode 6

Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti’s jaunt to the left coast continued this Friday, so Managing Editor David Rutz once again filled in, joining host Elizabeth Harrington, check-writer Aaron Harison, Republican man of mystery Michael Goldfarb, and Bachelor-correspondent Natalie Johnson.

‘Death Wish’ Review

Death Wish

The original Death Wish is best known as a reactionary rejection of complacency with the violence that plagued America’s streets and the fear that preyed upon America’s citizenry in the 1970s. It was denounced as “fascist” for indulging in extrajudicial executions of unreformed (and unreformable) criminals, but that term feels wrong here. It is, instead, a rather fascinating examination of the ways in which the Constitution works to protect our Declaration-promised right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Washington Free Beacon Podcast: Right and Righter Episode 5

On the latest episode of Right and Righter, Free Beacon managing editor David Rutz fills in for Matthew Continetti. Matt has fled the east coast for the west coast, so Rutz is sitting in the squish chair. He’ll have his hands full as Free Beacon mastermind Michael Goldfarb returns to the show to stir things up.