‘The Massive, Poisonous Vacuum’—25 Years After Tiananmen Square

‘The People’s Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Revisited’

Communist regimes have long specialized in committing enormous resources and legions of secret police stooges to the airbrushing of their own histories. Persons—both living and dead—become non-persons, past events become events that never happened, certain subjects become unmentionable in any public forums and sometimes even in private conversation.

This brand of enforced amnesia becomes necessary with these regimes for the simple reason that they are far more terrified of their own populations than the threats from the outside world that they are constantly handwringing about.

Chinese Influence Over North Korea Waning

Communication between the two countries has nearly disappeared
Kim Jong-un / AP

BEIJING—The People’s Republic of China (PRC) remains the chief benefactor of the neighboring Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but as North Korea’s dependence on China increases, China’s influence over the country appears to be decreasing.

Boeing Loses $4.5B Contract With Brazil, NSA Leaks Cited

Brazil goes with Swedish firm after leaks
Boeing F-18 Super Hornet jet fighter / AP

KIEV—Boeing lost out on a $4.5 billion contract with the Brazilian Air Force in what industry insiders consider to be part of the ongoing fallout from revelations of NSA snooping on foreign governments revealed by the traitor Edward Snowden.

Obama’s Unfriendly Skies

America’s business aviation community slams POTUS at industry expo
President Obama's private jet (AP)

ORLANDO, Fla.—Attendees here at the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) exposition from October 30 to November 1 criticized President Obama for what they said were unfair attacks on the business aviation industry.

Moscow’s Merchants of War

Pro-Putin factions in Russian government push to resume canceled weapons sale to Iran
S-300 / AP Images

KIEV—Factions in the Russian government aligned with President Vladimir Putin are pushing to resume a previously canceled sale of five divisions of Almaz-Antey S-300PMU-1 air defense units to Iran.

Opinion Poles

White House Damaging Relations With Warsaw, Poles say
Mitt Romney, Donald Tusk / AP

Kiev—Last week’s surprise announcement of U.S. Ambassador to Poland Lee Feinstein’s retirement highlighted a string of policy missteps by the Obama administration that have left many in the Polish government and population questioning Obama’s commitment to the two nations’ alliance.

Ukraine is Game to You?

North Koreans, Chinese Seek Ukrainian Defense Tech

Kiev – Intelligence agents from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and China are making regular attempts to acquire design data from former Soviet ballistic missile design centers and other defense industrial enterprises in Ukraine and in other former USSR republics in an effort to extend the range of North Korea’s missiles.

The Moscow-Beijing Axis

Su-35 Purchase Raises Questions About China’s Defense Spending, Threat to Taiwan

Reports of a Chinese purchase of advanced Russian fighter aircraft are raising new questions about the true levels of defense spending in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), while also highlighting concerns about the military standing of Taiwan in a potential cross-strait conflict.

Arms for Assad

Kremlin props up one of the Russian defense industry’s last customers, experts say

Worried about a drop in revenue for Russia’s arms industry—as well as the financial hit that a company with ties to Vladimir Putin will take—Russian diplomats have blocked efforts to stymie the flow of weapons into Syria, defense industry analysts say. Russia has been a traditional supplier to Syria and other Arab states for decades. But its customer base has dwindled with nations such as Egypt switching to the United States as their primary supplier, and other states—such as Iraq and Libya—now under new leadership.