Moscow’s Declining Arms Exports

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Chemezov  / AP

Kiev—Sanctions imposed on Russia after its invasion and occupation of both the Crimea and eastern Ukraine have had a negative impact on Russia’s defense industry, cutting off the supply of many important manufacturing components and leaving Moscow’s arms makers ready to consider fulfilling contracts for Iran.

‘The Massive, Poisonous Vacuum’—25 Years After Tiananmen Square


Communist regimes have long specialized in committing enormous resources and legions of secret police stooges to the airbrushing of their own histories. Persons—both living and dead—become non-persons, past events become events that never happened, certain subjects become unmentionable in any public forums and sometimes even in private conversation.

This brand of enforced amnesia becomes necessary with these regimes for the simple reason that they are far more terrified of their own populations than the threats from the outside world that they are constantly handwringing about.

Ukraine is Game to You?

Kiev – Intelligence agents from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and China are making regular attempts to acquire design data from former Soviet ballistic missile design centers and other defense industrial enterprises in Ukraine and in other former USSR republics in an effort to extend the range of North Korea’s missiles.