Harry Reid to the Rescue

Political action committee aligned with Senate majority leader leaps to Democratic senate candidate Rep. Shelley Berkley’s defense
Rep. Shelley Berkley / AP

A secretive political action committee founded to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nev.) in his tough 2010 reelection campaign is running attack ads against the Republican opponent of Democratic Senate candidate Shelley Berkley.

Heinrich’s Dodd Frank Flip

New Mexico Dem changes positions on financial bill to mask out-of-the-mainstream views
Martin Heinrich / AP

Democratic New Mexico Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Martin Heinrich has flipped on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform regulations.

Heinrich Disavows Cap and Trade Vote

Democratic New Mexico Senate candidate Martin Heinrich says cap-and-trade is ‘not feasible’ despite supporting 2009 House bill
Martin Heinrich / AP

Democratic New Mexico Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Martin Heinrich has distanced himself from his position on cap and trade, a move insiders and his opponent say is meant to temper criticism of his out-of-the-mainstream environmentalist agenda.

Mass Attack

State affiliate of George Soros-backed Democracy Alliance targets Sen. Scott Brown
Elizabeth Warren / AP

Powerful national progressive interests fund the left-wing messaging operation in Massachusetts behind an anti-Scott Brown attack site, despite claims that the operation is merely a grassroots, local project.

The Doomsday Device Tax

New Mexico Dem Senate candidate Martin Heinrich misleads with defense of medical device tax
Rep. Martin Heinrich / AP

Democratic New Mexico congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Martin Heinrich defended his vote to uphold a job-killing provision of Obamacare on Tuesday, despite his previous acknowledgment that the provision would have negative economic consequences for his home state.

King of the Wind

Former Maine governor and ‘independent’ Senate candidate made the most of alt-energy bill he signed into law
Angus King / Wikimedia Commons

Former Maine governor and independent Senate candidate Angus King is an alternative energy entrepreneur who made the most of an electric-utility restructuring law that he signed during his governorship, while obtaining loan guarantees via the same program that loaned more than $500 million to the failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, records show.

Casey Strikes Out Looking

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Bob Casey’s streak of unsuccessful legislation extends more than five years
Bob Casey / Wikimedia Commons

Democratic Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey has sponsored 199 bills in the 112th Congress, and not a single one has become law.

King’s Dominion

Fiscal record of ‘Independent’ Maine senate candidate under attack
Angus King / AP

Independent Maine Senate candidate Angus King’s fiscal record during his eight-year tenure as the state’s governor is under fire from Maine Republicans and outside pro-business groups and becoming a major factor in the three-way race.

The King of All Media

Maine ‘independent’ Senate candidate Angus King Protected by Maine-Stream Media, Insiders Say
Angus King / Wikimedia Commons

Former Maine governor Angus King’s independent Senate candidacy has received a boost from the state’s mainstream media outlets—several of which were recently purchased by a high-profile liberal benefactor and King crony—and the bias is altering Republican campaign strategy, according to political insiders in Maine.

Uh-Oh, Hirono

Democratic congressman’s Hawaii Senate campaign faces tough primary challenge, criticism for being out-of-touch

Rep. Mazie Hirono’s (D., Hawaii) campaign to replace retiring Democratic U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka is at risk because of a tough primary challenge and the perception among voters that Hirono is too well coached by national Democratic Party insiders and longtime Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye, according to observers of Hawaiian politics.