You Have Entered the Donald Trump Zone


Moments before the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton began, people remarked how surreal the experience would be. Who would have thought, a year ago, that the first presidential debate would feature Hillary Clinton versus, of all people, Donald J. Trump? It is a feeling that Republicans and conservatives have experienced since Trump descended from an escalator in one of his skyscrapers more than a year ago. The dream-like quality of having a piece of the popular culture embed itself in politics is disorienting, disrupting. Tonight the world knows what it’s like.

Donald Trump and Conservative Dogma

New Trump in Fredericksburg, Va. / AP

How conservative is Donald Trump? It’s a question that’s been asked frequently since he entered the presidential race last June, but no one seems to have agreed on an answer. Many of Trump’s primary opponents criticized him for not being a “true conservative.” Even today, his critics note, positively or negatively, his departures from American …

The Great Boor of the Galaxy

Star Trek TV Series (1966-1969)

Get a Star Trek fan talking—and believe me, we love to talk—and inevitably you will hear about the television and movie franchise’s optimistic portrayal of the future. The twenty-third century depicted in the series is a liberal utopia. There is no racism, no poverty, no war, no pollution, and no money. Instead there is world government.