2014 College Grads Get Diplomas, Not Jobs

Job market for young workers has failed to markedly improve since Obama’s reelection

Graduating college seniors face a grim job market little improved since President Barack Obama’s reelection, and many say they are concerned about their future.

Alaska Calls for Balanced Budget Amendment Compact

Commission called for to discuss balanced budget amendment to U.S. Constitution

Alaska joined Georgia to become the second state to pass the Compact for a Balanced Budget, a move that paves the way for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Parents, Teachers Criticize Anti-Pledge of Allegiance Lawsuit

Atheist group suit claims ‘under God’ line in Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional

Parents and teachers criticized a lawsuit filed against their New Jersey school district that objects to the use of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance recited by their children.

Protesters Shred SAFE Act Registration Cards

Gun owners protest controversial NY law on day weapons were to be registered
Protestors shred gun registration documents outside the Mahoney State building in Buffalo, NY / AP

Gun owners in upstate New York gathered yesterday to protest Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D.) controversial anti-gun law and shredded SAFE Act registration cards the day they were required to register their weapons.

Arizona Teachers Union Fights Educational Opportunity for Disabled Children

Opposes expansion of Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program

Arizona’s teachers unions are fighting the expansion of a program benefitting families of disabled children.

The Arizona Supreme Court last week declined to hear the appeal of the teacher’s union to rule the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account Program (ESA) as unconstitutional. The appeals court’s ruling now stands, paving the way for more children to enroll in the program.

Confusion and Delays Mar SAFE Act Implementation

Hastily passed gun control legislation in chaos as deadlines loom
Gov. Cuomo / AP

Two key portions of New York’s sweeping gun control legislation are not ready to be implemented, and questions have been raised as to when they will be prepared.

Cuomo’s SAFE Act requires gun owners to recertify their permits every five years and mandates the creation of an ammunition database to keep track of ammo sales.

Born to Run Away From High Taxes

Report: New Jersey residents fleeing high tax burdens in the state
Snow and ice-covere Beach Avenue in Cape May, N.J.

New Jersey’s high taxes may be costing the state billions of dollars a year in lost revenue as high-earning residents flee, according to a recent study.