Democracy Alliance Bankrolls Dem Super PAC

DA donors’ $2 million in contributions to American Bridge may fuel partisanship concerns
David Brock, Gara Lamarche, George Soros / AP

Members of a secretive club of wealthy left-wing donors are bankrolling a major Democratic Super PAC backing a likely Hillary Clinton presidential run even as some of the group’s members complain it is too closely tied to the Democratic Party.

More than a third of total contributions this year to American Bridge 21st Century have come from individuals associated with the Democracy Alliance.

Dem Super PAC Drops $3.5 Million on Alaska Senate Race

Money funneled from Steyer, unions, Hollywood execs through ‘local’ front group
Mark Begich

Alaska Democratic Sen. Mark Begich’s reelection effort is getting a massive boost from a top D.C.-based Super PAC with ties to top national Democrats as Begich touts his supposed independent streak and attacks his likely opponent as an outsider.

Firm Discloses $6.4 Million PR Contract With Ecuadorian Government

Disclosure comes after admission of potentially illegal propagandizing for socialist regime
Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa / AP

A New York City public relations firm has registered with the Justice Department as an agent of a foreign government a month after the Washington Free Beacon raised questions about the legality of its undisclosed work on behalf of the Republic of Ecuador.

Democracy Alliance in Turmoil as Member Dissatisfaction Mounts

DA network and scale of dark money financing far larger than previously reported
Chris Hughes, Gara Lamarche, Sean Eldridge

The Democracy Alliance is aiming to massively increase its shadowy fundraising operation in the face of dissatisfaction by numerous individuals and organizations associated with the group, according to internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The documents detail nearly $70 million in financing in 2013 by individuals and organizations associated with the DA, more than double the previously reported totals.

Teacher Union President Defends Democracy Alliance Support

School principals criticize AFT’s Randi Weingarten for spending union dues on dark money group
Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers / AP

The president of a major teachers’ union was forced to defend the union’s support for a shadowy left-wing dark money group on Tuesday after a pair of public school principals criticized her for that support.

Dark Money Behind Campaign Finance Reform Push

Reformers see campaign finance regulations as means to thwart political opposition
Legal professor Lawrence Lessig / AP

A liberal campaign finance reformer with ties to one of the left’s leading dark money outfits succeeded last week in raising $5 million to elect politicians who will pledge to reduce the influence of money in the American political process.