Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Pay, ‘Jiggle Test’

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Football has been going through an unprecedented upheaval. Northwestern’s football team will hold a vote tomorrow to decide whether it wants to unionize, a vote that continues to challenge the  meaning of “student athlete” and questions the entire college athletics infrastructure as we know it. Meanwhile the concussion and player safety debate continues to simmer, this week with a story about a NFL player suffering a stroke during a game last season that ended his career.

Meanwhile, another important constituency wages a lonely battle against the football power structure.

Obama Hates Good Beer

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I should stop being shocked when the Obama administration decides to ruin something I like. But I can’t. I may allow Greedo to shoot first, but I must take my stand when Obama targets the indefensible. And by indefensible, I mean my buzz.

Erick Erickson did a solid job summing up the beef:

The 2016 Democratic Convention Needs to Be In Miami

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Three weeks after the RNC whittled down their list of potential 2016 convention sites, the party in charge of the White House released its own list of prospective 2016 host cities. After the 2012 funding disaster that still has the DNC in the red, you’d have to imagine by 2016, they’d be caught up by then.

The DNC sent requests out for proposals to Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City.

The Democratic National Convention in Utah. Let that soak in. This is SLC this past Patriot’s Day:

Caitlin Egan Twerks The 2014 Boston Marathon

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Yesterday’s Boston Marathon was a shining example of America’s indomitable will and “never say die” attitude. Not only was it cathartic, it was also the first time since Ronald Reagan was president that an American won the whole thing. Murica.

Thousands finish the 26.2 mile crucible in various states of mental, physical, and emotional disrepair. For instance, one poor soul didn’t crush enough electrolytes and had to be carried across Boylston Street. If being shouldered across the finish line is on one end of the spectrum, this finish is on the opposite:

Arlington Approves $42,000 For ‘Pub Crawl Support’

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It’s no secret America needs to improve her infrastructure. It’s so obvious, it’s become a favorite talking point for President Obama to use when he talks about jacking up taxes.

Improving our lives starts in our communities. For that, we look across the moat to Arlington, Va., which voted last week on a sensible way to spend taxes.

At the Arlington County Board’s budget mark-up meeting this afternoon, the County Board approved an addition $42,000 to the police specifically for “pub crawl support.” Pub crawls in Clarendon, Courthouse and Ballston have drawn crowds close to 5,000-6,000 people, County Board Chair Jay Fisette said.

It’s 2014 and FINALLY we have government working for us!

That means proper safety at RiRas.

A Lot Is Happening In the Life of Hannah Davis

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With Sports Illustrated swimsmoke editors already jet-setting to their next fantastical destination, we’ve arrived at the unofficial launch of the 2015 issue. Another SI swimsmoke hard at work is Hannah Davis, who’s featured in a delightfully simple shoot for GQ, reminding everyone how much Dem Franchize Boyz’ “White Tee” banged back  in 2004.

Quit Whining About Bryce Harper’s ‘Hustle’


The National’s four-game set over the weekend wasn’t too notable aside from the home team requiring late game heroics just to even the series. The big controversy came Saturday evening when first year manager Matt Williams made the rookie move by benching Bryce Harper after a groundout for “lack of hustle.”

Here’s the play that yanked on Willaims’ jock strap.

Nina Agdal Is Good at Basketball

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My favorite anecdote from the 1992 Dream Team:  Just after curb-stomping the Cuban national team 136-57, the Cubans asked Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc. to pose for photos. No matter how international basketball has become, America still knows how to play it best. While countries like Argentina and Germany have pumped out some solid players, we’ve never seen Denmark produce a top-class roundball rocker. Until now.

The Obama-Biden #SELFIE

The best Joe Biden #SELFIE

The White House finally allowed Joe Biden to join Instagram yesterday. The media found this newsworthy somehow.

Obama let another set of sanctions expire by honoring his VP’s first #SELFIE with his presence. The White House’s official account captioned the #SELFIE, “Pals.”

A better caption would have been “Livin’ with my bitches #LIVE”