Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury Needs a Shirt

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Thanks to the influx of television money, every school in the “Big Five” conferences have similarly lavish budgets. So to score that next five-star defensive back, college football are getting more creative than ever to poach recruits. Epic photoshops and coach websites are two such tools.

For Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, he has a recruiting edge no other coach in America can claim.

Israeli Models United: Ruslana Rodina

Ruslana Rodina Facebook

Even in spite of Hamas declining yet another chance at a ceasefire and being locked in a war with the terror group for the time being, Israeli life goes on. At any level, the Jewish State will refuse to let the terrorists win.

This here Blog would like to take a moment, for the duration of the war between Israel and Hamas, to honor Israeli models who are standing strong and united and by extension, inspiring their fellow countrymen to follow suit.

One such Israeli model is Ruslana Rodina. You can’t get more patriotic than wearing a dress with your country’s former president emblazoned on the hem. I have my H. Dub socks in my drawer FWIW.

Israeli Models Do Their Part to Support the IDF

Mor Maman Instagram

As the conflict between Israel and Gaza lumbers on into its 21st day, Israelis across the world have shown solidarity with their fellow countrymen. While most Israelis have congregated in public displays of support numbering in the tens of thousands, some more internationally visible Israelis have taken to social media.

Bar Refaeli took a somber moment to remember fallen soldiers who’ve paid the ultimate price to ensure Israeli’s safety.

Gal Gadot More Wonderful in Person than in First Image as Wonder Woman

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We already knew Avengers 2 was going to be awesome so the big news to come out of San Diego was to see what Warner Bros. and D.C. had in store for Man of Steel 2 Batman vs. SupermanBatman v. Superman: Dawn of the Prequel To Catch Up to Marvel With A Justice League Movie.

So how did Warner Bros. feed the nerd beast?

‘Did Kate Upton Wear It Better?’: Kendall Jenner Edition

You know the answer/Inquisitr

From what I can ascertain from my ten second search on their website before getting distracted by the photos, Love Magazine is apparently a fairly new fashion periodical in the U.K. that deals in avant-garde fashion. Hookay.

They did snag some clicks from my browser by slapping Kendall Jenner onto their latest cover.

Score Your Kate Upton Swag On The Internet


Kate Upton puts money in everyone’s pockets. She’s makes money for herself, she sells magazines, clothes, and she helps pay my rent. Many thanks to Sports Illustrated yesterday for flagging how she’s making money for lone Internet entrepreneurs.

People are slapping Kate’s visage on t-shirts and selling them on Ebay and Etsy. The market gives what the market demands. How perfectly American.

Madden 2015 Puts Russell Wilson Over Tom Brady

Russell Wilson's best year ever continues/Russell Wilson Instagram

Madden NFL football games are often more important to real live NFL players than the dweebs who buy the game. Imagine having a video game arbitrarily rate your skills that you’ve spent hundreds of hours to master.
For example: