Madden 2015 Puts Russell Wilson Over Tom Brady

Russell Wilson's best year ever continues/Russell Wilson Instagram

Madden NFL football games are often more important to real live NFL players than the dweebs who buy the game. Imagine having a video game arbitrarily rate your skills that you’ve spent hundreds of hours to master.
For example:


Johnny Manziel Will Be the Browns Starter for Week One

Week One Starter, Book It/AP

It’s not everyday you see a NFL head coach set a deadline for himself to make decisions, especially on who’s going to quarterback his team. But Browns rookie head coach Mike Pettine set the third game of the preseason as his deadline to decide whether he’s rolling with six-year vet Brian Hoyer or rookie Johnny Manziel for the 2014 season.

Maybe Pettine is hoping Manziel’s offseason performance will translate to training camp.

British Glamour Smoke Profits From Suckers

Lucy Harrold Instagram

Lucy Harrold is circulating around the bro blogoshphere today because, despite being photogenic and a heavy spender, poor Lucy just can’t find herself a “boyfriend.”

It’d probably help to not wear a wedding veil on Instagram. That belongs on a Pintrest board. Marriage is the last thing a single feller looking at your Instagram has on his mind.

Start NFL Training Camp by Nitpicking Peter King’s First ‘Fine 15′

Football is Back! Kinda!/linzeylulu14 Instagram

For as much guff as SI’s Peter King gets for his ruminations on airport coffee, the NFL season starts when the man files his first training camp dispatch. Hidden amongst the faux optimism for a squad that’ll likely go 5-11 is King’s inaugural Fine 15 list, a full 45 days before people like myself get to learn how wrong we are.

Why I’ll Miss Erin Andrews

Miss You, EA/Erin Andrews Instagram

College football is not only changing on the field, but also in the broadcasting booth. First news broke that Uncle Brent Musburger was being relegated to calling third tier SEC game to complete his illustrious career.

Who would have thought Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews latest photo shoot in the L.A. Coliseum would be her last time in a college stadium as a member of our college football family?

Miranda Kerr’s Flip Cup Fail

Miranda Kerr Instagram

2014 has been a rough year for Victoria’s Secret. Their sexy sports bra fashion line cratered and now one of its premier angels suffered a humiliating defeat on national television. VS’s Miranda Kerr crumbled under the pressure of the flip cup arena.

Jimmy Fallon continues to singlehandedly save NBC by importing his super smoke flip cup game to the Tonight Show; last night he squared off versus Miranda. Miranda probably hasn’t had a sip of beer in her entire life.

New NCAA Initiatives Attempt to Maintain College Sports Status Quo


For all of the boundless optimism college football is emanating heading into the 2014 with its shiny new playoff system, there’s an even greater sense of uncertain dread threatening to unravel the whole machine. An early casualty is the cancelation of the acclaimed NCAA Football video game franchise due to litigation regarding whether players should be compensated for their likeness.

It’s much too early to speculate about how the courts or Congress will impact college sports, but the NCAA has proactively taken some steps to satiate ornery players and an increasingly vocal public.