Nina Agdal Is Good at Basketball

Nina Agdal Instagram

My favorite anecdote from the 1992 Dream Team:  Just after curb-stomping the Cuban national team 136-57, the Cubans asked Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc. to pose for photos. No matter how international basketball has become, America still knows how to play it best. While countries like Argentina and Germany have pumped out some solid players, we’ve never seen Denmark produce a top-class roundball rocker. Until now.

The Obama-Biden #SELFIE

The best Joe Biden #SELFIE

The White House finally allowed Joe Biden to join Instagram yesterday. The media found this newsworthy somehow.

Obama let another set of sanctions expire by honoring his VP’s first #SELFIE with his presence. The White House’s official account captioned the #SELFIE, “Pals.”

A better caption would have been “Livin’ with my bitches #LIVE”

‘Making of SI Swimsuit 2014: From Sand to Space’

Sports Illustrated

The year 1964 is etched in the history books for such monumental achievements as the Civil Rights Act, the Ford Mustang, and Buffalo wings. But let us not forget the golden anniversary of the Sports Illustrated swimsmoke issue.

The Travel Channel’s much-appreciated “Behind the Scenes” look at the making of the issue documented SI’s big 5-0 with the theme of “From Sand to Space.” Weirdly, that is also a summary of the plot of “The Phantom Menace,” a film that could’ve used some body paint. My bet for the swimsmoke most likely to fall to the Dark Side: Bregje Heinen, for refusing to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Let Us Now Compare and Contrast Kate Upton and Genevieve Morton

Kate Upton

Sports Illustrated swimsmokes are like snow flakes: each is unique.

That being said, anyone can see the similarities between Kate Upton and her swimsmoke sister Genevieve Morton. Kate and Genevieve may hail from different nations—although Kate’s home state of Florida often counts as a separate planet—but the similarities between the young swimsmokes run more than just skin deep.

Genevieve Morton + Ronald Reagan = AWESOME

Genevieve Morton Instagram

The distance between the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the Empire Polo Club is some 175 miles. And as most celebrities descended upon Indio, Ca., for Coachella last weekend so they could act like all kinds of fools, one was different. Instead of watching Pharrell perform the definitive popular music medley, SI swimsmoke/goddess Genevieve Morton spent her Saturday three hours away at a certain RWR’s library.

Carla Bruni Is Crazy About Israel


One the 1990’s most treasured of relics were Adam Sandler’s periodical Hanukah songs, the ode to Jewish children felt left out at Christmas where Sandler would comfort them with the definitive “who’s who” of the tribe that celebrated “eight crazy nights” that included both the captains of the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon. If Sandler ever feels motivated to ever become creative again, he’d do himself a favor and add the former French first family. Namely Carla Bruni.

Scarlett Johannson Called SodaStream Firestorm ‘Anti-Semitic’

Scarlett Johansson

SodaStream always catches my eye when I walk through Target’s appliance aisle. Engineering your own soda is a nifty idea. Free markets! Job creation! All things Asher Roth and Harry Reid see as a bad thing.

So it was to my dismay when Oxfam, a charity that disagrees with Sodastream’s West Bank factory, riled up the mob to spew vitrol and hate at American and Israeli gem Scarlett Johannson she was announced as SodaStream’s first global ambassador. The move was especially douchey as she had done charity work for the organization in the past.