Inside the Ring: China Joins Practice

US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson spoke recently about the need to protect American military advantages, but appears unconcerned by Chinese spying on naval exercises.

Asia Times: China’s Aerial Antics Renew Concerns of Anti-U.S. Military Acts

Xi Jinping

Nearly a year after China halted military efforts to counter US aerial surveillance operations in Asia, Beijing is once again stepping up hostile encounters toward US aircraft. In February and last week, China used dangerous aerial encounters in a bid to pressure the United States to halt spying from international airspace.

Inside the Ring: U.S. Military Satellites in Crisis

The U.S. military’s satellite communications are facing a crisis, threatened by a growing array of foreign weapons, including cyberattack capabilities, lasers, electronic jammers and anti-satellite weapons, according to a Pentagon study.

Trump vs. Media: Release the Memcon

This picture taken in March 1997 shows U.S. President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin shaking hands at the Presidential Palace

The media feeding frenzy triggered by a sensational Washington Post story alleging President Trump leaked classified information to the Russians ended abruptly today—like biting into a popcorn kernel and breaking a molar.