White House Can’t Explain Iraq Objectives to Congress

Classified briefing provides few answers on objectives, legality of strikes
President Barack Obama talks with National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice following foreign leader phone calls, from Chilmark, Mass., August 11, 2014 / White House Flickr

Just two weeks after the Obama administration asked Congress to repeal the Iraq war authorization, the White House is failing to adequately explain to lawmakers the legal justification and concrete objectives for its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), according to congressional insiders apprised of off-the-record briefings on the matter.

Father of Slain Israeli Teen Slams Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed report claiming no Hamas involvement in kidnapping, murder of teens under scrutiny

The father of one of the three Israeli teens abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists said he is saddened and puzzled by erroneous reports on the incident that claim Hamas did not play a role in the brutal killings.

Iran to Unveil its Own ‘Iron Dome’ Style Defense System

New missile defense systems set to go online in September
Ali Khamenei

Iranian military leaders announced on Wednesday that Tehran is readying new mid-range and long-range missile defense systems reminiscent of Israel’s Iron Dome system, which destroys rockets in mid-air before they strike the ground.

Israel Demands Hamas Be Disarmed as Peace Talks Start

Israelis reject Hamas' 'absurd' demands to open the border
Tel Aviv / AP

JERUSALEM—Israel is seeking a “robust” and complete disarmament of Hamas in the Gaza Strip in order to ensure that there is no resumption in hostilities, according to a senior Israeli Foreign Ministry official who briefed the Washington Free Beacon on upcoming Egyptian-brokered ceasefire talks between the terror group and Israeli government.

Pastors in Israel: We Support Your Right to Defeat Hamas

CUFI organized trip to Israel to show solidarity
Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. of Beltsville, Md.

JERUSALEM—Fifty-one pastors from every U.S. state and D.C. touched down in Israel early Tuesday for an unprecedented last minute solidarity mission aimed at expressing their support for the Jewish state’s right to defend itself from the terror group Hamas, a sentiment that some say is not shared in the White House.

Hamas Issues ‘Terrorism 101 Handbook’

Manuals discovered by IDF give how-to tips for terror
Hamas handbook

Hamas has been disseminating to its followers in the Gaza Strip a detailed terrorism training manual that teaches would-be bombers how to make explosives and conceal them in household items such as televisions, according to documents seized by the Israeli military during recent raids.

Congressman Tells Kerry: Stop Partnering with Hamas’ Top Ally

Lawmakers say Hamas financier Qatar is no partner for peace
John Kerry

House lawmakers are petitioning the State Department to reassess its close relationship with Qatar, which has served as Hamas’ chief financial lifeline while also enjoying close ties to the United States, which recently inked an $11 billion arms deal with the controversial country.

Former Clinton Press Secretary Ensures Blackout of Book

Mike McCurry waging campaign to quash coverage of NYT bestseller 'Clinton Inc.'
Mike McCurry

Former Clinton administration press secretary Mike McCurry is quietly waging a campaign to quash coverage on a new tell-all book that exposes Bill and Hillary Clinton’s massive political empire.

CUFI to Kerry: Stop Bolstering Hamas and Support Israel

Massive media campaign launched to promote U.S. support for Israel
John Kerry

One of the nation’s leading pro-Israel groups has launched a massive media campaign, buying ads in major newspapers and beginning a letter campaign to stop Secretary of State John Kerry from allying with Hamas over Israel in the ongoing Middle East conflict.