Obama Admin Refuses to Testify at Classified Brief on Hack Attack

cyber security

The Obama administration at the “last minute” on Tuesday declined to allow leading officials to testify before a classified House committee investigating a massive hack attack on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that led to the disclosure of millions of personal records, according to a leading lawmaker.

Senators Seek to Pause Entry of Syrians Into U.S. Following Attacks

Syria refugee

Senators are calling on the Obama administration to halt the entry of Syrian refugees into the United States, with one lawmaker filing legislation on Monday that would stop the Obama administration from providing visas to citizens of any country deemed “a high risk of terrorism” by the Department of Homeland Security.

Senator Calls for Ban on Syrian Refugees Into United States

Syrian refugees sleep on a railway platform in Croatia / AP

A leading senator and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee has called on the Obama administration to halt the entrance of all Syrian refugees into the United States in the wake of a terror attack in France that killed more than 130 people, according to a statement issued Monday afternoon.

U.S. Military Bans Troops from Travel to France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris / AP

All personal travel to France by U.S. military personnel and Defense Department employees has been prohibited following a series of terrorist attacks that killed more than 130, according to U.S. European Command.

Iran Threatens to Walk
Away from Nuke Deal


Iran has threatened to walk away from the recently inked nuclear deal and stop rolling back its nuclear enrichment program, according to recent comments by Hassan Rouhani, the Islamic Republic’s president.

Rouhani, in comments on Thursday, threatened to break the deal if the United States imposes any new sanctions on Iran, even ones concerning the country’s human rights abuses and its ballistic missile program