Feds Scrambled to Redact Information Showing Top Secret Spy Abuse

President Trump Holds News Conference With Prime Minister Solberg Of Norway

Federal authorities scrambled to redact and keep classified key information revealing major abuses of the U.S. surveillance apparatus that targeted President Donald Trump’s associates in the lead up to the 2016 election, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation who said the latest information corroborates findings recently made public by House Intelligence Committee officials.

Iran Issues Death Sentence for Israeli Spy, Claims U.S. Agents Also Imprisoned

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian counter-intelligence officials disclosed on Wednesday that they have discovered foreign spies who have been working to obtain information on the country’s military and aerospace industries, according to recent remarks in which Iranian officials claim to have issued the death sentence for at least one Israeli spy and the imprisonment of several Americans.

Trump Admin Thwarts Irish Effort to Boycott Israel, Criminalize Trade

Boycott Israel

The Trump administration played a key role in thwarting a recent effort by the Irish government to boycott Israel and make it a crime for Irish citizens to purchase products made in contested areas of the Jewish state, a move that would have severely jeopardized Ireland’s trade with the United States, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

IRS Apologizes to Pro-Israel Group for Biased Treatment

A pro-Israel organization that found its nonprofit status subjected to undue scrutiny by the Obama administration’s IRS as a result of its advocacy on the Jewish state’s behalf reached a settlement Thursday with the Department of Justice that included a formal apology from the U.S. government for subjecting the group to unfair treatment, according to an announcement.

New Trump Crackdown Seeks to Sever Ties Between Iran, Palestinian Terrorists

Screen shot from al-Sabireen propaganda video

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday a slate of new sanctions on an Iranian-backed terror organization and its top allies in the Hamas movement, according to an announcement that is being viewed as part of an effort to disrupt the Islamic Republic’s terror networks operating on the border of Israel.

Lawmaker: FBI Memo Will ‘Shock Americans,’ Warrant Removal of ‘FBI, DOJ Officials’

Sean Duffy

A classified memo alleging abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice in its handling of a surveillance operation against President Donald Trump and his associates will “be shocking to many Americans” and likely prompt the removal of “a high number” of senior officials in these agencies, according to one member of Congress who has viewed the highly classified document.