Iran: U.S. Violating Nuclear Deal

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani

Senior Iranian officials are accusing the United States of violating the landmark nuclear accord and promising to take punitive measures against America for this action, according to recent comments that come on the heels of renewed efforts by the Trump administration and Congress to sanction Tehran for its ballistic missile program and regional support for terrorism.

Feds Spend Millions on Failed Program to Combat Extremism in America

Members of a Federal Bureau of Investigation SWAT team are seen during an FBI field training exercise

The U.S. government has spent millions in taxpayer dollars on programs to combat violent extremism, despite zero evidence these programs have prevented the growth of terrorists in the United States, according to Congress, which criticized the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for enacting policy preventing its authorities from referencing “Islam” and “Islamic terrorism.”

Congress Could Halt Spy Authorization Over Obama Aides’ Anti-Trump Leaks

Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice

Key lawmakers are threatening to cancel the authorization of sensitive U.S. spy operations until congressional leaders investigate efforts by former top Obama administration officials to leak highly classified national security information in what many believe was a targeted campaign to undermine the Trump administration, according to senior congressional sources familiar with the situation.

State Dept. in ‘Open War’ With White House

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

The State Department under Secretary Rex Tillerson has been locked in a growing power struggle with the White House that has angered officials in the West Wing and sparked claims that the Trump administration’s top diplomatic organ is now in “open war” with the White House on a range of critical issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian impasse, Iran, the crisis with Qatar, and other matters, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the situation.

U.S. Agency Promoting Trade With Iran Despite Trump Opposition

Pistachio trees at a field that farmers left behind due to the lack of water

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting increased trade with Iran, despite clear opposition to this policy by the Trump White House, according to multiple sources who described the agency’s behavior as rogue and part of a lingering effort by the former Obama administration to promote international trade with the Islamic Republic.