9/11 Hearing on Skids Following Senate Report, FBI Spying Claims

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE—It is “highly unlikely” that the 9/11 military hearings scheduled to resume this week will do so amid new revelations in a report about treatment of detainees released by Senate Democrats last week and more recent accusations that the FBI enlisted a mole to spy on defense lawyers representing the accused terrorists, according to sources familiar with internal deliberations.

Learning to Sew at Auschwitz

Because my father was a ghetto leader, our family was put on the very last transport from Mukačevo to Auschwitz. We were not told where we were headed. I remember standing still and quiet inside the cattle car, my brother’s small hand wrapped tight inside mine. We arrived in Auschwitz at night. The train creaked to a slow stop. We waited for the door to fling open, but it didn’t. People inside our cattle car craned to look through the opening in the car. Hours passed. Left overnight, the occupants were forced to relieve themselves inside the cattle car. My family huddled together to stay warm and calm.