Israel Air Force’s Firepower Continues to Build

JERUSALEM—The firepower of the Israel Air Force (IAF) will be four times greater by year’s end than it was two years ago, according to its commander, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, enabling Israel to bring another round of fighting with Hezbollah to a swift end.

“We can destroy [Hezbollah’s] military capabilities and the infrastructure that supports its activities on a scale that would take decades to rebuild.”

Jewish Museum Shooting Suspect Spent Year in Syria

Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw addresses a news conference in Brussels June 1, 2014, after French police arrested a 29-year-old man suspected of involvement in the shooting deaths last weekend of three people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels

PARIS (Reuters) – The 29-year-old Frenchman arrested on Friday over the fatal shooting of three people at Brussels’ Jewish Museum spent a year in Syria after becoming radicalized during the last of five stays in jail in France, a prosecutor said on Sunday.

Factbox: Taliban Detainees Turned Over by U.S. in Bergdahl Deal

Barack Obama, Jani Bergdah, Bob Bergdahl

(Reuters) – The five Taliban prisoners being turned over by the United States to Qatar in a deal with the Taliban for the release of a U.S. soldier on Saturday were listed by the Pentagon as “high-risk” detainees, including two implicated in the deaths of thousands of Shi’ite Muslims in Afghanistan.

Vladimir Jabotinsky Revisited

Vladimir Jabotinsky

“If I could raise any of the great figures of Zionist history from the dead for an hour’s conversation, I would choose Jabotinsky,” writes Hillel Halkin in his new book Jabotinsky: A Life.

The merit of this gracefully written and thoughtful book is that Halkin makes you understand why. Jabotinsky was easily the most talented, versatile, and farseeing of Zionist leaders. Add to this his gregarious, witty, and engaging personality, and it’s difficult not to like Jabotinsky as much as one admires him. As Jabotinsky’s friend and biographer Shmuel Katz once told this writer, “I simply couldn’t find fault in him, and, believe me, I tried.”

Tiananmen Square Witnesses Push for Human Rights, Democratic Reforms in China

Witnesses of the Tiananmen Square massacre 25 years ago said on Friday that it remains more important than ever to press for human rights and democratic reforms in China as the country’s communist leadership renews its efforts to purge memories of the event from the public consciousness.

The five witnesses who spoke at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing included some of the top student leaders of the pro-democracy protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Chinese troops violently suppressed the demonstrations on June 4, 1989, killing anywhere from several hundred to thousands of citizens and arresting thousands more, though the Chinese government has never released an official tally.