Peaking Too Soon

Byron Crawford is one of the few independent hip-hop bloggers remaining from the medium’s halcyon days in the mid to late 2000’s. As his colleagues were signed by mainstream online publications, Crawford remained free. He has self-published his third e-book, Nas Lost: A Tribute to the Little Homey, a much-deserved takedown of one of rap’s biggest disappointments.

Fatima Center Head Denies Anti-Semitism, Questions Holocaust

The head of a controversial organization that critics describe as anti-Semitic defended his activism and questioned the facts behind the Holocaust one day after former Rep. Ron Paul was asked about participating in a conference organized by the group.

The Fatima Center, a “grassroots association of Catholic priests and lay people,” is hosting a conference in early September at which Paul will give the keynote address on September 11th. The organization has published articles claiming that Jews are attempting to undermine the Catholic Church on behalf of Satan and that “Zionist billionaires” are guilty of “financially raping” Russia’s people.